Hirano Aya after changing her management company and getting a new chance has finally announced her new project, a live action drama!

A late night drama, it’s titled, “Konna no idol Janain!”「こんなのアイドルじゃナイン!?」, she is supposed to be a supporting character, a teacher by the name of Mari Gonda.




The title characters of the drama would be the pop Idol group 9NINE, they sang the theme song for animes like Star Driver and the Live-action version of Ranma 1/2, just recently released.

A short write-up mention that Mari Gonda, played by Hirano Aya is a former aspiring Idol  and Idol Otaku. She will be supporting the girls of “9NINE”, the members of the “I want to be an Idol Club”(アイドルになりたい部) in the school.

It’s also mentioned that the group 9NINE will perform a song in each episode. In fact the show’s title is written as such to reflect the group presences.

The drama will go on air on the 11th of January, 1:30AM(JST) on Nihon Television.

Source: ANN via Mantan Web

In other news also relate to Dramas, did you know, AKB48’s beautiful and talented Sashihara Rino also got her first drama, a late night drama also, titled, “Muse no Kagami”.

The script is written by Fukuda Yuuichi, the “King of late night drama”.

It’s about Mukada Maki’s, played by Sashihara Rino, journey to become an actress, much like a mirror of the Sashi’s own journey.

The drama will start on the 14th of January(Thursday) at 1:55AM. For more information on the drama, do visit the source below.

Source: Melos no Michi

In short, I’m very looking forward to watching both dramas.

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