Nikon D7000 and Sony TX1

Recently I’m interested to buy a Panasonic LX5 which is one of the best compact camera these days.

My friend is selling it cheap and it’s a no-brainer for me but the problem is, I just bought a new Nikon D7000 and still have 2009’s Sony TX1 which still in a great condition. After thinking for a while I’ve decided to test each camera with Alter Saber Summer ver., to test their capability.

Of course, D7000 won in almost all aspects except the compact size. Sony TX1 lost on paper, since the LX5 have a better lens and bigger sensor. Even though I don’t have LX5 to test but let’s just see if D7000 and TX1 can deliver good and interesting images.

Bokeh Test

D7000 Result

D7000 with 50mm f/1.8 lens - Good Bokeh and small DoF

TX1 Result

TX1 - not pretty good due small aperture size.

D7000 with 50mm f/1.8 lens have a very small Deep of Field, so the background blurred almost completely and is not distracting.

On the other hand, TX1’s small aperture limitation and 35mm focal length give it quite big Depth of Field even though the aperture is already f/4.5, though the picture is still good, the background is a little bit distracting.

LX5 have a 24mm f/2.0 which is quite a fast lens for compact camera, with faster lens, bigger sensor but wider focal length, the LX5 may be able to give us smaller DoF and better bokeh.

Dynamic Angle Test

D7000 Result

This is cropped around 2.0x due limitation of 50mm's min focus to make it closer

TX1 Result

Dynamic Angle test - Using Macro Setting and 35mm focal length give unique composition and more dynamic angle

D7000 50mm (D7000 is a DX camera (crop sensor) so the focal length is 75mm on 35mm camera) lens’s minimum focus distance is 0.45m which is quite a distances for figure (macros) photography. The D7000’s test image is cropped almost 2.0x so the result can be similar with TX1’s, with macro setting with 35mm focal length as same as in 35mm camera.

The result is, for TX1 with 35mm and 1cm minimum focus distance, it delivered a dynamic angle and unique distortion, which made the D7000’s pictures look pretty flat and it’s flat.
LX5 have a 24mm focal length with the same minimum focus distance 1cm, which is wider than TX1’s 35mm which I can’t imagine the result.

Despite all the cons, D7000 with 50mm and TX1 deliver good photos with their own strong point. I do want a macro lens for the D7000 but wide angle macro lens are rare. The only one I can find is a Sigma 28mm f/1.8 macro lens with a minimum focus distance of 0.2m (which reviewer mention can closer) and with DX camera the focal length will be 42mm, so TX1 and LX5’s macro in wide angle capability is better.

I don’t know everyone’s taste but I actually liked TX1’s angle than D7000’s. Do give me your comment so we can learn more about figure photography. All of these are based on my opinions, so do understand and if I do get something wrong somewhere, do correct and tell me. Thanks a lot XD.

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