And thus the final 9 is chosen for AKB48’s first Anime Seiyuu audition. After a whole day of auditions, they are as above.

AKB0048 anime seiyuu audition finalists:
Sato Amina, Iwata Karen, Yagami Kumi, Nakaya Sayaka, Hata Sawako, Sato Sumire, Ishida Haruka, Mita Mao, Watanabe Mayu.

Update3: Added Jiji Press video report of the seiyuu audition event.


The count being 2 SKE48, 1 NMB48 and 6 AKB48 of which there’s 1A, 4Bs and 1KKS. This is going to be 1 moe Anime, with team B forming almost half the group.

And as expected Watanabe Mayu, leader of Wota4 got in along with Nakaya Sayaka, Seiyuu and Wota4 member.

Sawako, Seiyuu want to be and game otaku is also expected to get in, wow I’m quite good~ LOL…

Update: Hey the official page is updated with the story and background of the anime~ lol looks like the below is kinda redundant now… If you can read Japanese, the page is here. One thing to say thou, I got the picture of the city correct~ It’s really Akihabara~

Update2: ANN have translated the gist of the page and here is the bulk of it,


In an era when entertainment is outlawed, there is an idol group that offers underground guerilla concerts despite the danger. The name of that female group is AKB0048.

Until just before the annhilation of Earth, AKB48 shined as legendary idols.

This is the story of the super galactic idol team that inherited that name.

In the beginning of the 21st century, a world war erupts over interplanetary travel technology. Humanity inflicts large-scale devastation upon the ecosystem and forces itself to make a mass exodus from Earth. In the year Star Calendar 00, a new era begins as humanity migrates to a self-imposed exile in space.

Before long, the tentatively named “Super Galactic Alliance” institutes a “Entertainment Prohibition Law” to control “entertainment and music which corrupts people’s minds.” Except for certain areas (zones of absolute entertainment defense*), any form of entertainment is strictly punished. One by one, idols disappear and people’s minds are enveloped in darkness.


For the rest of the article please visit ANN for it.

But also revealed with the final list is a few Concept arts for the anime itself, from it let’s form a possible story that is as vague as possible.

The below is my imagination based on what I depicted from the concept art and is no way real.


The sub title reads, “Beyond the Star I go to meet (you)*heart*”

The above is what would be the final character design for the 9 characters of the anime.

Set in a time after earth is damaged and beyond liveable levels, the human kind move into the stars via the use of colony ships.

AKB0048 the group formed, helped by giving everyone hope to live, thru their songs and performances.

And so many years passed, they are now, the most popular idol group and is auditioning for their XX Generation members. Gathering girls from all over to New-Tokyo Akihabara district’s AKB0048 theater.

So from here the 9 heroines met and the story begins. Their foray into the idol world, working hard to fulfill their own dreams as well as the dreams of humanity, to one day return home.

Along the way, they adjust their school live, personal live and make sacrifices so as to attend the rehearsals, the trainings and many many more.

But the bigger picture is for everyone on-board the colony ships, will they never see and step onto earth again , or will they make it home, back to earth… AKB0048!


LOL now, this sounds like something from Macross…. … but from the arts, this is the feeling I got from all the art works, especially the 1st and the 4th which somehow depicts them in space.

Afterall the main bunch of the crew involved in AKB0048 are from either the Macross series or have deep involvement with Sci-fi.

But what the story will be like, well you can only either ask the script writer Okada Mari or wait for the manga to be out for a better idea.

Better yet watch the anime, coming onto the television next spring in Japan.

Website: AKB0048
Picture and Source: Natalie (Japanese only, but have more pictures)

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