After much delays, the list of 30 seiyuu finalist for the AKB0048 anime is finally out!

Scroll down for the list and a little analysis by me~

And the members are,

Members from AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48 managed to get it, but it seems HKT48 is just is not up it, squeezing in just 1 member, Murashige Anna.

Here’s an analysis,

Funny thing is, the surviving members from Project ICE (Chi-yu, Yuko, Nacchi), did not make it. I wonder why… Hmm… Next~

The highest ranking senbatsu member of the 30 finalist is Watanabe Mayu (Mayuyu), she is also know as an otaku in the group, as part of the WOTA-4 and a part time Manga-ka.

She also did the most high profile anime related advertisements, Evangelion Movie related, in AKB48, I’m sure she is a hot favourite if there is a betting centre doing anything related…

Another hot favourite would be the Seiyuu, Nakaya Sayaka (Nakayan), She is one of the few AKB48 members with actual Seiyuu experiences.

And her ambition is to become a seiyuu in the future, so she has the motive and experiences to back her up. She will be most likely take home a placing~ Of cos, she is also part of the WOTA-4.

It seems… Ota Aika (Love-tan), another of the WOTA-4 is also in the game… hmm… Leaving only Tanabe Miku (Tanamin) out… Ouch…

Out of the 13 other members, I really would like Suu-Chan to win a slot, maybe even Ha-chan(showa), and Amina~ It would be funny if Moeno won a slot too~ lol.

On the SKE48 side, We have Hata Sawako, the girl with a powerful voice and a “shy” personality and her dream is also to become a seiyuu…

As for NMB48, I obviously who is who within the group so… I’ll keep my mouth shut…

Given how the selection is done, I take it that atleast 1 member of the nine will be slighty matured/boyish, which is why i think members with lower voice range like Haa-chan, Moeno, Sawako, and Mieko Sato are for.

Either way here’s the break down of the top 30 members according to their XXX48 groups,

AKB48 – 17 members
SKE48 – 8 members
NMB48 – 4 members
HKT48 – 1 member

But it’s not the end for them yet, as they will be taking part in 1 more open public audition on the 13th of December (tue), fighting it out for the voice of the 9 main characters of the anime.

And the anime will air in Spring next year~

Source: AKB0048 Site

PS: Who knows, they might even stream the Public audition online, given their latest collaboration with Google+

**The above is just an opinion by the writer, if you find it’s not agreeable, feel free to write in the comment and tell us why~ Don’t flame me please, use reason and I’ll listen**

**Please educate me with your reasoning**

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