On 11/11/11, the first day of Anime Festival Asia 2011(AFA11), Ani-Culture is honoured to be able to have an interview session with the up and rising artist LiSA, together with SGCafe.

I personally went to the concert on the second day and her live performance totally blown me away. Now without any further delay, let’s get to the interview session Q & A.

SGCafe: How does it feel like to be in Singapore now? Have you been around Singapore trying out the food or been to other places as well?

LiSA: This time round, I went to Chinatown and ate something that resembles crushed ice (kakikori- Japanese crushed ice dessert), that had a lot of ingredients added to it. It was very different from the one on Japan. It wasn’t too sweet and didn’t melt immediately like the ones in Japan, and I like it. The portion was rather big.

Ani-Culture: Your music is used in Angel beats and Fate/Zero. Do you watch these anime? If you do, who is your favourite character?

LiSA: I do watch a variety of anime. As for now, I like watching Fate/Zero and of course Saber is really cool but my number one favourite would be Rider.

Ani-Culture: Let me ask you about your album, Letters to U. You wrote all the lyrics. Where did you get all the inspiration from?

LiSA: I think about what and how to convey all the things that I want to say all the time. In this “Letter to U”, I treat it like a personal letter and for the first time, I thought about how Lisa, instead of Yui(Angel Beats), is and wrote down who I am, and is treating it kind of like a love letter.

SGCafe: Who has inspired LiSA to become an anime song artist?
LiSA: I didn’t start as an anime song artiste….

Ani-Culture: Generally, who do you look up to or which artist do you like?
LiSA: Avril Lavigne and Green day.

SGCafe: Apart from singing, do you have any special talent that your fans do not know of?
LiSA: I try to share about myself with other people such as my fans. If it is something I like, it would be photography.

Ani-Culture: You will be setting up an official fan club in China. Will there be any chance of setting one up in Singapore or Southeast Asia?
LiSA: No particular plans at the moment.

Ani-Culture: Do you have any message for the fans in Singapore and Southeast Asia?
LiSA: For the first time I came to Singapore, and the people is very kind and everyone is smiling, and it made me very happy. I like Singapore very much so it would be nice if I can have a concert/live here.

  • End of Interview –

I really look forward and hope to have her back next year for AFA, I love Anisong concert again.

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