At AFA11, we had a chance to sit down with our local girls from SEAA, the Ani-song Idol group.

The idol group is formed by Beryl, Valerie, Wynnie and Estelle.

They are the singer of the AFA11 theme song “Dream Shooter”, and will be releasing their 2nd single titled “Deli Deli Delicious” later this month.

We conducted the interview with SGCAFE. And here is how it goes,

SGCAFE: By now your fans knows of your origins, how does it feel like as an artist that can speak in English, Japanese and Chinese?

VALERIE: It feels quite amazing, because just 1 year ago, we couldn’t understand Japanese at all.

Right Now we can understand what they (the Japanese) are saying, even thou we still cannot answer in full sentences. It feels like we are growing. I hope to finally master the language.

WYNNIE: Also our dream is to inspire the world with anisong, being able to speak so many languages is helpful.

ESTELLE: Connecting everyone!

ANI-CULTURE: SEAA’s 2nd Single “Deli Deli Delicious” will released later this month (27th Nov), what are your feelings about this song; Other then it being in an ending song for Toriko?

VALERIE: This is actually our very first CG PV, it’s very exciting, and we had a lot of fun. Shot only on a green screen, and everything is about imagination, and the director explained it really well.

On top of it also our first PV involving much acting; so I hope you can feel the energy when watching the PV.

SGCAFE: Can you tell me, what up with the cakes?

VALERIE: The Cakes? Well the world of Toriko is about food right? So there is this flying cake in the world that we are in.

ESTELLE: Toriko’s world is full of adventure, filled with interesting and cool characters, so the PV tried to bring the essence in, in a cute way.

WYNNIE: Toriko’s world is about food and we are cheerleaders, so the song is a combination of both. Giving cakes to our hungry audiences, not really hungry but maybe feeling down or losing passion.

VALERIE: The cakes are like giving our audiences the energy, cheering them up and giving them passion. It’s like using the cake as a replacement for encouragement.

SGCAFE: What are the difficulties you girls faced when recording your songs?

VALERIE: It’s really fast this time (Deli Deli Delicious), and we have to go thru the lyric many times, and slowly. We practice many times and finally got really good at it.

WYNNIE: Practice make perfect!

SEAA: There is a lot of tongue twister.

ESTELLE: Plus, I am to start first with a solo and got really nervous because everyone can hear me if I did something wrong. But the director all comforted me telling me it’s ok and I’m doing fine, which helped me overcome the obstacles.

ANI-CULTURE: I really liked Soda sound fountain, did you girls have fun singing the song?

WYNNIE: Soda Sound Fountain is actually a love song, and at the starting, our manager and other staff really worried about us not understanding it. They even tried explaining it in many ways.

ESTELLE: Soda Sound Fountain is very much about a naïve love song, about a feeling that everyone once felt.

WYNNIE: In fact, Estelle during recording drew a girl in love on her lyrics sheet. And Valerie a love fountain~

VALERIE: Do look forward to our performances at AFA where we will be doing a dance with it. It’s very cute!

WYNNIE: You will go Waku Waku~

SGCAFE: SEAA till now, have been very cheerful singing fast song, do you foresee singing any slower songs?

VALERIE: Like a Ballad?

SGCAFE: yes.

WYNNIE: We will be performing a cover of a ballad at the Yokohama Arena.

ESTELLE: But that is not our song.

VALERIE: However, included our 2nd single is a cover of Renai Circulation, an acoustic version that is slower than the original but not really a ballad. Still please do check it out!

ANI-CULTURE: As an idol from the South East Asia, any messages to the aspiring idols?

BERYL: Never Give Up! Just go for your dreams, because 1 day it will just…

VALERIE: … just come knocking on your door.

WYNNIE: We never expected that we will be seat here.

ESTELLE: Don’t lose faith in your dreams; don’t be afraid to fight for it.

SGCAFE: If you were to become a seiyuu, which type of character would you like to act?

WYNNIE: I would like to voice a young boy, and try saying Bokuwa(僕は), I find it very moe~ And since my voice is bit husky and deep tone.

VALERIE: A little girl, because my voice is a little higher, more suitable for it.

BERYL: A lady like character, since I’m calmer.

ESTELLE: Someone like Misaki(Railgun). Maybe even Toradora’s Minorin.

WYNNIE: The more enthusiastic characters~

ESTELLE: They think I can do Pikachu.

Background: Yes! Yes! She can!

ESTELLE: Pika Pika Pikachu!

Estelle’s Pikachu Monomame

 ANI-CULTURE: And here comes the end our session, Thanks you for your time today!

SEAA: It’s a pleasure, thank you!

Following AFA11, SEAA performed at the Animax Musix at Yokohama Arena on the 23rd of November. We at wish them good luck and may their dreams come true!

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