We had a chance to seat down with 2 of the veterans in the Anisong, and Gaming world over the AFA11 weekend.

They are anime/game song singer Kanako Ito and Game producer, musician and soon to be café owner, Chiyomaru Shikura.

Thus without much delay,

Ani-Culture: Kanako Ito-san, you tried singing in Chinese before right? Kokō no Tama. Even thou it’s just the first part, is Chinese difficult?

Kanako-Ito: It’s difficult, very difficult. But it sounds like French and very beautiful. I studied Chinese, during the recording of the song.

Ani-Culture: Chiyomaru Shikura- san, It’s been said that you and Tsunku are planning a Café, “AKIHABARA Back sta<–>ge pass”, that will train Idols, care to tell us more?

Chiyomaru Shikura: It’s a concept where customer can “produce” an idol.

Kanako Ito: Like Im@s!

Chiyomaru Shikura: And it’s going to open late November, but it’s most likely going to be delayed.

Ani-Culture: Kanako ito-san, You also did Hacking to the Gate for Steins;Gate, what kind of feelings do you have when singing it?

Kanako Ito: Steins;Gate’s world is full of suspense, and like a thriller. And I feel like I have to be strong in order to sing the song, not just sound strong, but Strong mentally.

Ani-Culture: To Shikura-san, why the song or why Kanako ito to sing “Hacking to the gate”? Is it because of her style of singing?

Chiyomaru Shikura: Ermmm… …

I first wrote the song, and then naturally it chose Kanako Ito to sing it. It’s like the song is inviting her to sing it, maybe it’s the style.

Ani-Culture: This is the first time, both is performing in Singapore, what are your expectations? And what can fans expect for this weekend?

Kanako Ito: I want to introduce the world of Steins;Gate to everyone in Singapore, and thru the songs is one way. If you already know Steins;Gate and its song, please sing along


Ani-Culture: Lastly, do you have a message for the fans in Singapore and South East Asia?

Kanako Ito: First I want everyone to enjoy the concert, and this time all the songs will be related to Steins;Gate, so I hope fans will find out more about it regardless whether it’s on the 360, PSP or even the IPhone.

So do enjoy the Concert!

Translator (Koga-san): Do also come down to their concert next week (18-19 Nov) Live5PB, in Japan.

– End of Interview –

And yes Live5pb is already over. It’s Chiyomaru-san’s company’s bigger event this year. Did I mention that Chiyomaru Shikura-san is also the executive director the game maker, 5pb?


Either way, I hope you love the performances Kanako Ito and Chiyomaru-san did in AFA11. Do also check out Steins;Gate. It’s very interesting 8bit version for the PC, just came out recently, so do check it out!

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