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For those who don’t quite know who is Kalafina (oh well you’re sure to know them if you are one of the Magical Madoka’s fan) you can do your homework here (http://ani-culture.net/2011/09/afa11-i-love-anisong-artist-spotlight-kalafina/)

For the very first time when meeting these cute, yet elegant ladies*(), I ran out of words to describe the beauty of the ladies in Kalafina!! Even during the Interview with them and you still get the “Kalafina” vibe, similar from when they are performing on the stage! *お姫様!!!

Thus without much interruption, let’s start.

Ani-Culture: Kalafina released “Magia” this year for Madoka Magica, did you girls expect it to be such a big hit?

Kalafina: We are very excited and looking forwards the support from our fans.

Ani-Culture: Also you released “After Eden” in September, your third studio album, can you tell me more about it?

Kalafina: Regarding the “After Eden” song album, it contains the element of fantasy in every song. The album also means to bring out the message about the humanism, which reflecting most of the human nature.

Ani-Culture: How different is “Magia” compared to your previous releases?

Kalafina: The song “Magia” brings out the “hope” appears in dark atmosphere, as hope does still exist even though the environment is covered with darkness. The song’s track element is purely dark and unique but there still exist hope within it.

Ani-Culture: Do Kalafina have a message for their fans in Singapore and Southeast Asia?

Kalafina: We are glad to join AFA11 as one of the Ani-Song artists, and very looking forward to see the fans in Singapore. We also hope we can create a local community here too!

And so we concluded our short chat with Kalafina.

*Afterword*: Kalafina certainly is a very well-balance and unique band group. The way, they performed in We-Love-AniSong in AFA 11 is definitely one of the climax for the event. Keiko-san, Wakan-san and Hikaru-san each have their own unique vocal and that makes them the best combination for vocal band.

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