Update: I have downloaded Joysound Dive and to my disappointment, It’s region locked. I’m very sorry for making so many happy for nothing.

Have a PS3 at home and nothing to play on it for now (waiting for FFXIII-2 or disappointed by ACE Combat 5)? Now you can use your PS3 as a Karaoke~

Courtesy of Joysound!

You can now download the free Joysound App from the Playstation Store and enjoy its 78,000 songs. Usually it will cost you 300 Yen(~SG$6) for a day or 1000 Yen(SG$16) for 30 days.

But now till the 19th of December, the maker XING is making all song free as a promotion campaign.

All you need is a Japanese PSN account and a USB microphone.

That is not all… The software, Joysound Dive, also includes a function that allows for music and video playback as well as a function named “Layer Mixer”. It allows for the multi-muxing of video feeds from the PS3’s hard drive.

Naturally, this application also allows you to record and replay your own singing~

Well I’ll be checking it out after work, will you?

PLAYSTATION 3, It’s only does everything~

Website: Joysound Dive Official site
Source: Andriasang

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