Just so you know, I was hoping to keep this till the interview with aniki is done. Well Aniki, Mizuki Ichiro, have a new IPhone app!

And it’s very interesting, having tried it during the interview with Aniki. Unfortunately, it only for the iphone or Ipad, titled Zekkyo Damashi!

But what does this app do?

Well it’s a game, timer, an alarm clock, and like the title says, call out Z!

Basically for “Alarm DaZ”, you will have Aniki calling out “Z!” in the morning and then have you silent him by touching all the Zs’. I must be quite sleepy since it took me 89 sec to stop the alarm…

While “Draw DaZ” challenge you to draw a Z in the shortest time on the screen.

Overall it’s an interesting App~

The app is now available worldwide on the Apple Appstore at $2.99(SGD) or equivalent currency.

Our interview article with aniki and the rest should be coming up quite soon, I hope…

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