Update(6/11): According to the info released by AFA Facebook, Abe Maria is not in the list…

Anime Festival Asia 2011 will be seeing the attendances of 3 members from AKB48, they are, Team A Sayaka Nakaya, Nakayan , Team K Miku Tanabe, Tanamin, and Team 4 Abe Maria, Abe(Tentative).

Nakayan have always aspired to be a Voice Actress and this year she became one, as the voice of Ayane Hojo in Moshidora, the animated series, she is also part of WOTA4. While Miku Tanabe is a cosplayer and often cosplay for her Handshaking sessions in Japan together with WOTA 4, which includes Nakayan, Mayuyu and Aika Ota.

Maria Abe can be considered Singapore grown~ She took part in many of our local theaters, 2nd only to Singapore’s Center Amin. During which we saw her as a Research Student and then promoted to Team 4.

Thus if Amin is Singapore’s Center then Abe will be Singapore’s Musume~

However her visit is currently tentative based on the AKB48’s Blog post, but I’m sure people are looking forward their daughter’s visit~

During AFA11 there will be a 45minutes session at the a Stage area on the 13th of Nov, 12pm. Where I’m sure they will be appearing.

To meet them you will need a F+S ticket. Or take part in our Giveaway contest and Win a VIP Pass~

Source: AKB48 Blog
Website: AFA11

P.S.: Also revealed is the member list for the 20th November, Singapore Theater Vol.9, and they are,

Tickets are now on sale online at AKB48 SG Site.

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