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The world most famous Japanese curry house have finally arrived in Singapore, with it’s first shop setup in Somerset 313, level B3. Coco Ichiban Curry House is the Curry House that have 1200 shops in Japan and branches all over the world, selling it’s curry in territories like Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Korea. The curry have been featured on blogs of many famous artist, example like Shinoda Mariko, famous for her love of Curry. The Singapore Shop is not big and can accommodate around 50 customers at one go.

And since it’s new, the average queuing time for Dinner at least seems like about 30 minutes, and almost no Queue on a Monday afternoon.

I visited the shop on Sunday and again on Monday for a taste of it’s curry, which i must say is actually quite good.

On the first visit, I tried the Cheese Tonkatsu Curry set, standard settings, with cheese melted into the curry, it gave a very unique texture and I quite liked it, it’s also very fulling. This set also includes a Salad, Drink and Ice Cream.

Price: $18.50++ on Standard.

On the second visit, I had beef curry, a favourite of mine, and it’s cheap, at $12++. There is also an option to include a set meal choice of 2 or 3 at $3.50 or $4.50. I must say, this is not the best curry I have tried in Singapore thou… But the taste of the curry is still very good, however I do have some complains regarding the rice, which is lukewarm on serving…

This is very obvious when the smoking warming curry is placed next to the almost cool rice, some rice on the sides are even harden… What a pity…

Also, It would also be great if they had given me more Curry sauce thou.

Price: $12.00 on Standard + $3.50, choice of 2 ++ What do I mean by standard? This can be consider a speciality for the CoCoIchi, with a customisable menu, you can choose how much rice(standard is 250g) and the spiciness of the curry(lvl 0 to 5(24x), 1 is standard).

Overall, CoCo Ichiban Curry is a great place to eat some curry, but not necessarily a must go, however it is a nice place for a casual lunch or dinner, with a rather affordable price tag.

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