The riverside park that Ken and I went to is named, Seng Kang Riverside Park, and you find out more from NPark at their website.

In fact, we are only at the very small part of it, and just luckily we got onto an elevated area.

An Over-exposed picture, used gradient to cut the Exposure in the lower area. Just experimenting~

I really enjoyed the session… even thou it seems the sunrise timing is kinda off from the official site… I learned that it’s better to be at the location 45 minutes to 1 hour early than the expected timing, which we did.

A lonely tree at the top of the hill(molehill). So lonely...

Btw the publish time(06:48am) of this post is the time the sunrise is suppose to happen~ But that is also the time we ended the shoot with the sun already up in the sky, lol~

And we have breakfast with a some ladies at the Mac~

Kirino came along trying to sniff out what I am having~

unfortunately her, it seems the School Council President is here as well and dislike her behaviour, dragging her out... =_=|||

Now for the rest of my pictures, not as good as ken’s, I think. But will take more chance to take such photos in the future!

What do you think? Please comment so I can study~



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