Over the past month of October, I got myself quite a few CDs… And some are not from AKB48, like the 3 seen above.

And Just happily, 2 of the 3 artist I bought is going to be releasing new items in November too… … OTL… this is getting scary… Oh well.

Either way here is a short review of each of the Singles I’ve got.

Buddy”, limited edition – Maaya Sakamoto

Personally, I think at 2200 yen, this single is totally worth it.

Not because of the 2 main songs in Disc 1(they are very good too) but due to the LIVE TOUR 2011 “You can’t catch me” SPECIAL LIVE CD which has 9 songs, all lives concert renditions, and they includes songs like Downtown, Eternal returns and more.

However if you are unable to grab hold of the Limited Ed, the 2 songs on the first disc Buddy and Something Little, are good too.

“Buddy” with the injection from School Food Punishment, sounds very different from what you would normally expect from Maaya Sakamoto, while “Something Little” is the normal style.

It didn’t do too bad on the charts also, getting the 10th position on it’s first week.

For Sakamoto fans, well this is keeper, listening to her try out a different style, or you can buy her next Single, Okaerinasai or Album, Driving in Silence.

Green a.Live“, Limited Edition – YUI

Green a.Live contains 3 songs, all very nice for easy listening. A staple for my media player, but not something I would purposely listen to.

I like Green a.Live and the acoustic version of HELLO, theme song for Paradise Kiss.

And as mentioned, this single is very good for easy listening~

But if you want are to get the limited edition… The DVD is a disappointment… there is only 1 PV, no other extras… Haiz.

Both way, YUI’s album “How Crazy Your Love” is due to be out 2nd of November, and I believe that is a more worthwhile proposition. Yup!

Non-Stop Love” – Sho Ayanokoji (Aiaigasa) Maki Goto

Sho is the lead singer for the wildly popular group Keshidan and Maki Goto is a very popular Singer and their collaboration produced a very catchy song. But that is just 1 song.

This Single is really a Single… With only 1 song and 3 karaoke different tracks, I am left wanting more…   Non Stop Love is very catchy and can easily be looped. Bravo to the duo for creating such a song!

Main negative point… There really is only 1 song… even the DVD contains nothing… other than the PV… At 1300 yen, I guess I should have nothing to complain about…

That is all for now I guess, clearing backlog is not easy… LOL~

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