Lol, long time no see guys. Me is back after a long time ==a been busy at college and work so been doing many things which are not really interesting like working on paper, maintenance PCs and stuff.

Last Loot... not that much actually

Well because of that my figure collections are piling up. These are not one time buy loot but accumulated from July-August. Actually I’ve been wanting to write something like this, really excited now. Well let’s see what I’ve been received XD.

First is Mato&Yomi Nendoroid Petit

Mato and Yomi looks pretty damn cute XD

One of Winter Wonfes item if I remember correctly. Saw them and just fell in love with their cuteness XD. Some people want them to be released as Nendoroid but me love the petit more. Small is Cute! XD Want to bring it everyday XD

Figma Yomi

Figma Yomi... Yeah me is Yomi's Fan

Well as you can see I’m Yomi’s fan. Not really fond of figma even though I have quite many of them but rarely photo them. Before ordered her, I ordered Matou too but no luck I don’t get it because Matou is limited ver. Well, at least I got my fav XD. Not going to open it soon. If you want maybe I’ll make a review of her. Just request it!

Nendoroid Airi

Maid Airi ready to serve you~ XD

Frankly, the reason that I snatched this cute Airi is her dress. I really wanted a Maid Uniform for Saber but Sakuya’s isn’t match my taste. The older Nendoroid which I forgot the name is rare so Airi is my best solution. Yet, when I received her, I’m begining to like her. Is it because of Twin Tails? well at least she’s cute XD.

Nendoroid Cirno

Cirno is one of my fav chara from Touhou

Cirno is the Strongest! Everyone know about it XD. The Ice Fairy was arrived at my home. Can’t wait to hold her, I was unboxing her ASAP. Pretty good Nendoroid. even though I still not fond of Arm Style base which make a hole on Nendoroid’s back. Decent amount of accessories, well the crystal-like wings and sword is pretty. One of the most expensive nendoroid I ever got.

Anime Style vol. 1 with Nendoroid Petit Taiga

Tiny Taiga is Tiny!! Real Palmtop Tiger XD

Yes, if you wondering that I bought this Magazine because of Petit Taiga. Petit Taiga is Cute! The uniform she’s wearing is from ending of the last episode of Toradora!. I’m going to remake that scene someday because currently I’m busy. Hope all the works are done so I can spend more time with Taiga.

And as I write this post my mailman come and deliver me something awesome XD

It’s Hatsune Miku Lat ver. XD Already waiting her since August yet she’s arrived late and box-damaged. Damaged Box is a common problem here in Indonesia. She’s pretty damn cute and I already unboxed her and took some photos. Thinking to make a review so If anyone want it just say it XD

Well it’s my first time posting my loot. maybe it’s not that detail because I afraid that it’ll be a long post and too many photos mean (for some people) long rendering time. I just want to share collection and passion. Hope you guys enjoy it and mind to share your thought XD. See ya again soon XD

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