Wednesday, 19th October, 2011, AKB48 together Nihon TV(NTV) in a press conference announces the revamp of their hit variety program, 「なるほど!ハイスクール」, Naruhodo High School.

Starting 20th October, the 2nd season of the program will see the creation of new segments like 「ガチガセAKB」, “Gachi Gase AKB” where guest are expected to guess who the real AKB members are.

There will also be a new segment where the member inspects the professionals, to test and understand their abilities in their respective field.

For this Atsuko Maeda, the face of AKB48, stated her interest in investigating Akimoto Yasashi(Aki-P), after all he has written 300 songs for AKB48. Maeda wants to know if the songs are really all written by Akimoto-sensei.

Responding to this, leader Takahashi Minami added that maybe they should invite him on the show and ask him to write one on the spot.

Either way, the refreshed Naruhodo Highschool will start on the 20th of October on Fuji TV.

Source: Sanspo via Tokyohive

In other related news, Yuko got wax’ed. At an unveiling ceremony the day before, a 1/1 scale wax figurine of AKB48’s Oshima Yuko is revealed.

The about 19 million Yen produce is made for the Madam Tussauda, and will be on display at the temporary Exhibit at Tokyo Odaiba till the 4th of January 2012.
Below is a video report by Jiji Press.


Other Source: Oricon Style

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