With the release of AKB48’s 23rd single “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” today(Flying Get day) on the 26th of October, the voting site for their Request Hour 2012 is up as well.

What is Request Hour?

Its a annual concert held over 4 days counting down the top 100 songs by the fans, not only AKB48 songs are short listed, SKE48, SDN48 & NMB48 songs are available for voting as well.

A whopping 421songs to choose from, and that includes albums, singles, stage songs as well.

For Top 100 Request Hour Setlist 2012 at TDC, unit songs will not be available, instead a Unit Matsuri will be catering for that. Hence, for the first time, the likes of No Sleeves, French Kiss will not be performing in the actual Request Hour concerts.

So, let’s head on to the voting guide.

Of course, please purchase the single(s) to get the voting number, you will need them for the confirmation.

Go to the site at http://akb48-request2012.jp

This is the voting homepage for Request Hour 2012. Click on 「投票へ進む」to get to the next page.

From here, you can choose the group to vote for. Or do it the hard way, search by song titles in the last option.

In this page, I have selected to vote a song from all their maxi singles and album releases to date. And yes, it includes "Kaze wa Fuiteiru". Note the scroll bar to the right. Even the coupling songs are eligible for voting as well.

How about stage songs? Here it is, sorted out in according to team and stages. Click on the stage name to proceed to choose the song you want to vote on the next page.

This page is the confirmation page. As you can see, I have selected 「ハート型ウイルス」here and before the vote is counted, you will need to key in the serial number.

This is the voting slip which contains the 2 sets of numbers required.

This single contains the voting ticket for AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2012.

After entering the serial numbers and the system has recorded it, the voting is done. There is a short survey link, but its up to you to take it.

With that, concludes the Request Hour 2012 voting guide!

If you are wondering how to get the voting numbers, please buy the new single(s) plus if you can get them fast enough, you may get some extra goodies.

TUEAC’s injection:

If you are unable to recall or still thinking which song to vote for, you can visit the Request Hour Website and view a short clip of each song listed in the voting list.


I can tell you that I have voted for A5’s Kuroi Tenshi~ And you are more then welcome to vote the same~

Btw, Voting end on the 30th of November 2011 at 1500 Hour Japan time.

Website: Request Hour 2012 Website | Voting Site

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