Finally, after a unwanted delay over at the customs, something BIG finally arrived.

This is really one of the biggest box I have received from CDJapan so far.

Yes, it got delayed no thanks to customs here.

Big product box?

Stuffed full so as to ensure the item is secure, CDJapan's packing is really good.

Out of the box.

AKB48 1/48 Idol to Guam de Koishitara deluxe box set. Really deluxe indeed.

Highlighting the fact that its a mizugi themed this time round.

Opening up.

Closer look and the game greets you at the top of the pile.

After the game, the photos, blu ray and a special card code awaits.

Full contents of the deluxe box set.

The game itself.

Game UMD and a video UMD contain clips not in the game.

Blu ray disc containing members confessions from the first game.

The disc itself.

Team 4 DVD and the making-of DVD.

Making-of DVDs for Team A & K.

Team B DVD and a fashion DVD, hmm I wonder what's inside.

Card containing a code to get custom themes, all 48 of it.

The bonus photos, 10 of them and I wonder who are the remaining 9. . .

Here it is, all 10 of them in my set.

Another look at them.

The last of the bonus, the posters, here are the 4 keepers for me.

Another look.

All members are featured in the posters, so there ARE 48 of them in total.

With the amount of goodies, some may say for the price, the game is literally ‘free’.

As for the game, I have played a few rounds, and to be honest, its a landmine filled experience at times. Like, when I asked Mayuyu out, and along the way, Yukirin appears. Depending on the scenario, your choice may affect your relationship outcome.

Or make it simple, be cruel and deny whoever’s in the way in your path to get your oshi’s confession. I had turned down Amin’s & Akicha’s before finally getting Kojiharu’s confession. Ouch it can be.

Anyway, the deluxe set is still available. Or if the deluxe is too much, there is still limited and regular versions available.

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