Milky Holmes the seiyuu/singer group that was formed last year for the anime, “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, will be coming to Singapore this year, performing for 2011 edition of the I Love Anisong.

Let’s take a look at what they can bring onto the stage this year~

First up, Milky Holmes is formed by 4 members and they are, Mimori Suzuko(25), Tokui Sora (21), Sasaki Mikoi (20), and Kitta Izumi (26). Other than singing, they are also voice actresses from a variety of animes including being the respective characters in the “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”.

About “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”, it’s based on a visual novel of the same name and personally I don’t know what is going on in that anime. But according to what I see online… It’s extremely popular in Japan and has gathered quite a large fan base within the last year for a second season and OVA to be made.


The group has been tasked to sing the Opening songs and OST for “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” as well as its OVA.

Currently under the group, they have 1 maxi-single, Colorful Garden, consisting of 6 songs and have successfully held concerts in many stages with the biggest being the Animelo and the “Secret Garden” Live tour 2011.

The biggest event for them however, is yet to come, with a planned on the 20th of May 2012 at the Nippon Budokan, announced just last week at their live concert.

And so they will be making their way to Singapore again, yes again. In fact Milky Holmes came to Singapore at last year’s AFA and performed at the stage too.

We even caught up with them for a little interview with a few others. And it’s really a pleasure too~

Would be really interesting to see how much they are going about in the 1 year. And if I’m not wrong, they will be stunning on stage with the experience they gained over the year.

Another interesting point to note would be how they will be going against the new SEA✭A in a round of VANGUARD. I predict an overwhelming victory for Milky Holmes, since Kitta Izumi is such a great card player.

So they will be performing at AFA11’s I LOVE ANISONG: ROCK YOUR SOUL, on the 3rd Day of the festival. I’ll be looking forward to it~

Website: Milky Holmes | AFA11

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