SEA☆A at the recent Bushiroad Press Conference

Beryl(20), Valerie(20), Wynnie(21) and Estelle(19)

Formed just this year, SEA☆A, the group that originates from the Anime Festival Asia with all four of its members being once the maids of the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe.

This year, they will be back in AFA11, not as maids but Idols~ Their song, 「Dream Shooter」, is also indicated as the festival’s theme song.

As mentioned, they are formed this year with their debut single 「Dream Shooter」published by Lantis Records, a Major Japanese records company that also publishes for many other top performers like JAM Project, Chihara Minori, Ali Project and many many more.


「Dream Shooter」 is also the 2nd ending theme for the Anime 「Cardfigh: Vanguard」which is currently showing in Japan and will be premiering in Singapore this Sunday(Oct 16th), 10AM on Okto.

Their new song, 「DELI-DELI☆DELICIOUS」 is also used in the popular anime 「Toriko」, as it’s ending starting this October. But who are they?

Well, SEA☆A is group consisting of 4 girls, Beryl(20), Valerie(20), Wynnie(22) and Estelle(18) all of them scouted while working at the MMK Maid cafe, for their looks, dancing skills and talents.


And yes they all come from this part of the world call South East Asia, stated in their group name, SEA, and the A meant to express their love for all things anime~


All 4 of them before forming the group, are already quite popular for their role in the café especially Wynnie, a popular cosplayer from Malaysia.


Wynne charmed so many even before her MMK Stint she was already mentioned by Danny Choo and even got a feature in Otacool.


While Estelle is a great dancer, standing out as one of the taller members of MMK. Surprisingly, she is also the Youngest in the group at 19 years old, her passion for performing is something to look forward too!


Valerie, a wonderful singer and dancer with a cool and passive personality, but surprisingly active when is on stage. She is also a very sweet girl, based on the interaction in MMK.

She is kawaii~


Beryl, seems to be the one playing the leadership role in SEA☆A, making decisions and answering questions.

Here’s a trivial: She is the only one to not only put Akihabara in the Places I want to go column, she knows Shibuya and Harajyuku too.

She is also the one that looks the most grown up in the SEA☆A, I think. And I think her Japanese really improved a lot from the #01 of the video.

In the I love Anisong line-up, they are the ones currently with the least amount of songs under their name, with just 1 Single, containing the festival theme song 「Dream Shooter」 and 「Soda Sound Fountain」(a very nice song).

But I’m really looking forward to their 2nd Single, with their new song 「DELI-DELI☆DELICIOUS」, the new ending song for the anime, Toriko.


Also other than their performances in I love Anisong, ROCK YOUR SOUL! They will also be performing Animax Musix 2011, on the 23rd of November at the Yokohama Arena.

I’m cheering for you girls! 頑張って!

For more information on SEA☆A, you can go to their official site, blog and twitter~

Official Twitter –
Official Website –
Official Ameba Blog –
Sea☆A Members Official Twitter:
Beryl –
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Valerie –
Wynnie –

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