This is the Ani-Culture’s 1001st post!!

And we are opening up a give away! To thank you for read 1000 of our posts since march last year~ Also how nice of it for the 1000th post to be about the announcement of A Certain Magical Index Movie~

Good Job Xeno~

Now on to the giveaway, I have been pondering what to give away, looking at my storeroom and etc. But… In the end I’ve come to a decision that you should suggest it… What kind of Give away you want?

Thus the most realistic and interesting Giveaway idea will get that give away~ And to keep things for getting too wild, here are some guidelines to a realistic giveaway,

1. Cost no more then SG$45(2,946 Yen, 38 USD, RM$122, IDR335,780, PHP1,672)
2. Something that can actually be done.
3. Will not hurt anyone other then my wallet.
4. Not illegal
5. No Cash request
6. Lastly, Something Simple, hopefully… Please…

Here are some examples,

2 of AKB’s CD, AFA11 1 day Concert Standing pass, do a post on something, ask me to visit a charity, a treat to all AC writers, a visit SPCA or a Nendoroid~

Well you get the drift~ If we find it interesting and can do it~ We will do it for you~

So, to participate, Please send an email to with the subject, “This is what I hope for!”

Then in the content, Include,

Shipping Address:
Preferred Contact Details:
The first post you read on Ani-Culture or Our first post’s title:
Your Give Away Suggestion:

Don’t worry I will not sell your detail to anyone, but I might post the Suggestions online~ In Facebook or in a post, if it’s very interesting~

Also only the winner or contender will be contacted. This contest will continue till 10th October 2011. If no one takes part, I’ll just giveaway to myself~

Btw, once a  decision is made, it’s final.

So Please do take part! I really wanna give it out!


P.S: I’m not lazy, I’m just hoping to hear from you people more~

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