Teaser: Animax Simucast – too easy…

Animax as pointed out by Ooga of SGcafe have release a new video on their youtube channel, a teaser, teasing a same day telecast of an anime in October.

I try to decode, and reveal which one. But you have to decide.

The hint is SKY and the Morse code, I dunno, my translator gave me “AAJWWA”  which I have no idea what it meant. Either way, there are 2 animes with the theme Sky, one is 『境界線上のホライゾン』, Horizon on the middle of nowhere and the other is Gonzo’s ラス『トエグザイル-銀翼のファム』Last Exile – Fam: the silver wing -

So which do you think is the likely one to be offered the same day telecast?

Source: SGCAFE

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      1. Zarakiken

        lol… too much boing boing in Horizon on the middle of nowhere… i don think they will show it… lol… but hoped it will air… lol…

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