For some reason, this month, even with the intended goal of not spending money… I find my bank account to be quite dry…


I blame the Comex(a computer Fair in Singapore)  for making me spend on the small stuff and then that 4TB worth of HardDrive and a Buffalo NAS… Still I the other part might be a combo my shipment from CDJapan, AKS’s powerful marketing and my lustful desires… …

So I received my last shipment for summer and the month, today, it contains…

In addition to this, I also have Type A of the “Flying Get” from previously.

“Flying Get” AKB48’s 22nd single and the one and only that broke 1 million sale on first day. The single comes in 2 types and I got both… lol

While “Flying Get” the song itself might not be as good as the previous production, in someways, it’s still a wonderful song. The draw however for this package might be the 18 minute long PV that comes with it.

Either that or it’s the very interesting undergirls song, “Dakishimecha Ikenai”. One other thing to note is that Type B sold out faster then Type A… Which is rare? Maybe it’s cos Type B contains “Ice no Kuchizuke”, the theme song for “Ice No Mi” CM.

Plus I like Type B’s cover better, cos Acchan looks better in it~

I must say, DIVA’s CRY is good! I got Type C of “CRY” because it has Maria as the Side B track. I’m even lucky enough to get the first press edition, not bad~

Back to the songs, “CRY” is something that you would expect from DIVA, so no surprise there. But “Maria -DIVA Ver.-” is not what I expected, their cover ver. is very different from what I knew, and I liked it! A lot!

Itano Tomomi is seriously talented and all, but I really am looking forward to her singing naturally without auto-tunning like she did in Music Fair.


Still, “Fuini” is a catchy song that suit Tomochin’s image really well, as a fast pace dance piece, along with “Come On!”. But picked once again, Type C, because it contains the only ballad in “Fuini”, “Tsuki No Inori”

It’s kinda sad that she can’t even rest her voice properly for the next few weeks even when she is suffering for a major condition… Still, I’m looking forward to see her 3rd Single.

As said… I have a few more items to show, so comeback for type B tomorrow, ok?

Btw, I thank all my misery to CDJapan, for making purchases so easy, fuss free, fast and … … friendly…

PS: Yes the first picture is not related to the post… it’s an Angry Bird… the one that goes BOOM!

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