Ah thanks for buying Type B of the my new Singles… …”I’m Bankrupted” hope you have also got Type A.

Just kidding~ Then again, i did get myself a new Camera and attended quite a few AKB48 Cafe events and Concerts. I wonder if that is why I’m so broke now…

Taking pace from yesterday, the next item in my shopping list is~

Sea☆A’s first single, Dream Shooter!  I must say, the music in the single comes a wonderful surprise, cos it’s very polished and don’t sound like it’s sung by non-Japanese.Hard work , the girls have really put in, they have~

Yes, in case you still have no clue what is Sea☆A… They are a group of girls prospected from Singapore’s AFA event, during which, they were the maids from it’s MMK Maid Cafe. Consisting of Beryl, Valerie, Wynnie and Estelle, they are Sea☆A!


Still back to the songs, “Dream Shooter” by now should be quite well known especially if you watched Vanguard the Anime. The other less well know song would be “Soda Sound Fountain”, which i personally found nicer.

Also, btw I got the Sea☆A Love Japan version which includes a DVD containing “Dream Shooter” PV and a special clip, which i have not watched.

This is not new, it’s an album dated backed to 1993… YMO’s Slipping into Madness is good for the sake of Comparison.

YMO can be considered a pioneer in electronic music and i have really no right to review them since, they are very good. Listening to this album makes me all techno and etc. I really dunno the terms used. But it’s a very good buy, especially if i need something different to get away from everything.

In fact some of the music are so modern that, it don’t feel like a 1993 release. hmm… Pioneers indeed!

Can you guess what is it in the above picture?

It’s the ZONE Tribute album Limited Edition. And it one very elaborate setup, containing 2 CDs and 2 booklets with 25 songs. The disc are split into a Tribute disc and ZONE original best disc, containing songs from the original band plus “約束 ~August, 10years later~”, the reply song for “secret base ~君がくれたもの~”.

On the tribute side, it contains many artists from Girl band like Scandal and Sphere, singer Shoko Nakagawa, to Idol groups like 東京女子流, bump.y and etc. Even an anime Seiyu Group from the anime A no hi Mita Hana no Namaie Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai(Anohana).


So it’s really a very good collection to have. Especially if you really like Secret base like me, since it contains 3 versions of it, Scandal’s Cover, the Anime’s Version and the original(in disc 2).

I really like the music in this package, it’s a worthwhile buy, very worth my money~

Baby Action by Scandal! I finally got my copy, funny that I also got the Single before this album and Baby Action also contains “Love Survive”, their latest Single released just a month before.

Being an album, it also contains the songs in their singles since their Scandal best Album, which is like 1 year worth, 12 songs to be exact, excluding those in R-Girls.

I also like the packaging, it’s very purplish~ Also do look into the DVD for a very interesting clip about the founding of the Band Scandal base on a fake story. But we all love Takoyaki! I hate Tako thou…

And with that, I have come to the end of my list. But do you, readers, want a Type C, theater version? Because, I remember I have skipped quite a few of my shipments like the one with SKE48’s Pareo wa Emerald Type B.

So do you want a type C?

PS: Yes I got all the above at CDJapan, really is too easy to use… Please be-careful.




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