As you can see from the result, It’s a slow week. With the most exciting match being the battle between Mio(K-On!) and Ikamusume(Ikamusume)… With the latter wining hand down… Overwhelmingly, 267 to 470, with the other party, Lynett Bishop(Strike Witches) getting 107votes.

Mio LOST… What? is 2chan now sick of K-On!?

Other notable winners are, Meiko Honma(Anohana, 194), Madoka(Madoka Magika, 285), Stocking(Panty and Stocking, 204), Yuno(Hidamari Sketch, 400), Last Order(Index, 227), and Nao(Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne!, 349)

Total 0 Votes

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