Today at Goodman Art center a media preview is held for the upcoming event, Comics XChange.

Goodman Art Center is located near Mountbatten MRT(5 Mins walk) and is also where School Of The Arts was located before moving to it’s current location.

Today’s preview event, hosted by Jerry Hinds'(ACAS President) further detailed Comics XChange’s highlights, which are included into the

CXPO Bazaar,

to be held at Block J within the Goodman Art Center.

There are many artist, both professional and dojin in artist pads,
— Comix Pandora
— Daiyaku
— Ice Berry
— Otto Foong
— Benjamin Ang
— Sloth Studios
— and more!

-The merchants showcasing their wares,
— Coral Software
— Pencil Brush
— CosAsia exhibits and services
— and More!

-Stage events and cosplay programs,
— Show by Light Saber Crew
— CosAsia Cosply show
— Special Patrols
— and more

-Seminars & workshops,

The seminars and workshops features various professionals and experienced artist sharing their experiences ranging from the creative to the business aspect of the being a publishing artist.

Some of the featured speakers are,

Cheah S’In Ann, Singapore Strip Cartoonist.

He is also known as the godfather of Strip cartooning in Singapore. Well known for his very interesting jokes and wittiness

Cheah S’In Ann will be sharing on how he comes up with interesting stories and overcoming writer’s block.

He will be speaking in the 1st session after lunch on the 2nd of October, from 1:30pm to 2:15pm(45 mins)

Karen Leong, Motivational Speaker and Communication Expert.

She will be sharing on how to present ourselves to a publisher or business partners. Especially if it’s for the first time, a problem many faces, after all first impression counts.

She will be mentioning tips and hints on how to get the publisher’s attention instead of just being thrown aside in letter communications.

Ms. Leong, will be making her speech on the 2nd of Oct from 11:45am to 12:15pm.

And more!

Tickets to the Seminars and workshops are now available at the GateCrash

The 24 hour Comics Day!

A gathering of comics artist to draw 24 pages of comics in 24 hours, illustration and story included. This is neither a contest nor competition, purely a challenge to complete the task. Each participant able to last till the end and complete will be awarded a certificate.

This is also the 2nd time the 24hour comics Day is held in Singapore.

Currently there are already over 30 participants with 3 of them participating from home.

For more information of what to expect from Comic XChange, you can visit the event’s website at

Event Name: Comics XChange(CXC)
Date: 1-2 Oct 2011
Location: Goodman Art Center, 90 Goodman road

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