Anime: What’s for Fall(Autumn)?


As compiled by the ever awesome Cowboy, this fall will see the 29 new series or sequels. Other then the obvious choices to watch like, Working!!, Last Exile – Fam of the Silver Wing -, Fate/Zero, Ika Musume, Shakugan no Shana III, Bakuman 2, Gundam ACE and more~

There are still new anime debuts this season, with a rather high expectation, from me at least…

Hunter X Hunter, MADHOUSE

This is a remake of an anime classic, It wouldn’t fare well if it’s worse than the original. But few remakes actually can out shine the original, nonetheless, good luck to MADHOUSE.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Sunrise

We have mentioned this anime quite a few times, and I am excited by it. Especially with Sunrise’s expertise in making Technological Fantasies~

Thou I still don’t know much about the story, I know one of our writers really is looking forward to it and he has a good eye for anime.

Persona 4 The Animation, AIC ASTA

The anime is based on the PS2 RPG game of the same name, Persona 4. Base on this alone it should be quite a good watch.

During it’s announcement, it did caused a stir. Hope the show itself will not disappoint.

Mirai Nikki, Asread

Ah this is going to be interesting, with a plot based on the Manga also named Mirai Nikki. It’s generally about the use of a dairy to control what happen and then cause the death of your opponent, if you like Kaiji, Stien;Gate and Dead Note, then this anime is definitely for your consumption. .

Guilty Crown, Production I.G, noitaminA

For me, this is the season’s noitaminA show to watch out for, plus it will be quite action packed based on the trailer and how the Synosis read outs.

Based on the future in an occupied Japan, where a boy have the power “Ability Of King” which can get tools or weapons from friends. And then one day met a girl from the resistances.

I wonder how it will turn out… Hmm…

There are a few more anime that looks good too but might not be my cup of tea. However look at the trailer below and see for yourself if they interest you. Also include is the trailer of the titles listed way above~

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