Its that time of the year again, and here we have, is individual artiste spotlight for the performing artistes who will be performing at this year’s Anime Festival Asia I Love Anisong segment.

First up, we present KALAFINA!

Kalafina (カラフィナ) is the latest project by hit composer Yuki Kajiura, the genius behind FictionJunction and See-Saw, keeping Kajiura’s signature new age and synthesizer sounds.

Originally a four-vocalist band with Keiko Kubota (窪田啓子), Wakana Ōtaki (大滝若奈), Hikaru Masai (政井光 ) and Maya Toyoshima (豊島摩耶) but yet Maya announced to quit the Kalafina group in year 2009 and make the Kalafina group a trio vocalist band group until now.

Started in year 2007, and mainly perform great songs in the anime Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界) like Oblivious, Seventh Heaven and Sprinter. The way they perform the song definitely unique from other bands and attractive.



Their new album  After Eden  released recently on 21.9.2011. Wootss cant wait to see them perform on the coming AFA stage!


Kalafina will perform on the day 2 of Anime Festival Asia 2011, 12th November, Saturday along with FLOW, LiSA, Sea*A and Aniki.

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