Many asked what is this Cool Japan that is actually occupying the first day of the Anime Festival Asia 2011 and actually cost $85 on it’s own.

The Cool Japan Forum is actually not new, and have been around since 2009 as the AAC09(Anime Asia Conference 2009), and then Cool Japan Forum last year.

If the main festival is fun part of the AFA, then Cool Japan can be considered the Business part of the it.

The forum is meant to enable professionals in the creative related industries to seat down and listen to experienced speaker share their experiences, thoughts and insights. This is also a wonderful chances for people to meet people and create new openings.

One of the highlighted success story is the creation of The World Runway Premier, after Jake f.R was invited as a speaker to 2010’s Cool Japan Forum.

Naturally, there are a lot of other stories too.

The event will also invite many top business and creative leaders from Japan to visit Singapore.

This year is of no differences, we will be seeing the appearances of,

Award winning Novelist, Mr. Hirano Keiichiro

Mr. Keiichiro, the author for Nisshouku, which was awarded the Akutagawa Prize in 1998. At the time he is also considered the youngest(at 23) to receive the award.

He won also the Kyoto Cultural Award in 2000, Ministry of Arts and Culture’s Newcomer award for “Kekkai” and Bunkamura Lit Prize  in 2009 for his short novel “Dawn”.

Recently he has just released his latest novel “Kekai-jo” in June and is now start on his next project, Morning.

During his presentation at the COOL Japan Forum, I can expect him to talk about how a proper story is essential to content creation, and even share his multitude of experiences in overcoming problems.

I personally will be looking forward to his presentation.

Hirano Keiichiro official webpage

President Founder of Bushiroad Inc, Mr. Takaaki Kidani

To know Mr. Kidani better, one have to know the rising star in the card game industry, Bushiroad.

Founded in 2007, the company have now become one of the most successful entertainment company in Japan. With more then 3 successful card games titles like Weiβ Schwarz, Alice Cross and Chaos, making use of the popular content from the anime industry to create a new Revenue in a time when DVD sales are dropping to great effect.

Weiβ Schwarz is now one of the most popular card game in Japan with an annual Card Game tournament held in Akihabara with attendees from all over Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and various parts of the world.


In 2011, Bushiroad also started participating and creating their own intellectual Properties, example the creation of Vanguard the anime, an original franchise tie-up with their Card game of a similar name.

Vanguard will be moving into the English market soon with it’s first English dub release in October followed by an English version of the game.

Mr. Kidani as the president of Bushiroad is the one behind the steering wheel this seemingly unstoppable train with his ideals, passion and leadership.

I’m half expecting Mr. Kidani to be sharing in Cool Japan Forum, how his company come about, their long and short term goals and maybe even share more insight into the Japanese business practice. Oh I just can’t wait to learn more.

Bushiroad Website

Acclaimed Character Designer, Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto

A simple check on Wikipedia will tell you that Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto is not an ordinary man. He almost single-handedly created the childhood heroes and villains of millions.

For those who didn’t get it, Mr. Mikimoto is the character designer for Macross, Macross 7, MS Gundam 0080, Gunbuster and many more!


Yes, he designed both Lynn minmay and Nekki Basara

Need I say more?

Like he is also the Mangaka for the very beautiful, Mobile Suit Gundam: École du Ciel.

I am expected to really just attend his talk as a homage to one of the most successful Science Fiction Sage to ever come of Japan. So anything Mr. Mikimoto is going to say will definitely interest me.

Wikipedia: Haruhiko Mikimoto

Lastly but not the least,

Sony Music Artists’ Senior Vice-President, Mr. Sampei Yamaguchi

To be Frank…

I have not heard of Mr. Yamaguchi, but as the Sony Music Artists’ Senior VP, he can be expected to know quite a lot of stuff, like the inner workings of the Music industry, how the artist are managed, and what they look to when creating a new label, signing a new artist and even why Nogizaka 46…


Mind you, he is the boss(literally) of quite a few well known artist under the Sony Music label like LiSA, Kana Nishino, Kishidan, Sambomaster, Base Ball Bear, Chemistry, Amemiya and more.

Thus I can expect him to share many interesting experiences, workflows or even that I mentioned above.

Sony Music Artist Inc website

All in all, the COOL Japan Forum this years is looking to be a very exciting affair! In fact, the list might even grow to include more speakers and panelist.

For just $85, this is a steal. That’s what I think. Even thou it’s the business side of AFA, this is actually open to all.

So everyone wanting to know more about the creative industry should really attend and not miss the chance to hear directly from the people inside the industry, you might even open a new door for yourself.

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