The Maids’ and Butlers’ cafe are back and they were today at the Press Con. There are many new faces in both cafes, don’t you think?

The AR Butlers, with the theme, Wonderland~

  • Hikaru
  • Haru
  • Ren
  • Hiroshi
  • Yutaki
  • Takeshi
  • Shou
  • Yuu

Yuu, Ren, and Hiroshi

The MMK Maid, with what looks like a Family Restaurant theme, maybe like WORKING!!

  • Chizuru
  • Yuna
  • Tola(*since in Japan there is no “La”, so it’s “Ra”, then she’s a tiger(Tora)? Just Joking XD)
  • Rina, the only senior so far…

There are more MMK maids just not announced at this event. They will be revealed soon~
3 from each of the cafe also made a special appearances today, and lucky them, they even got to take a picture with LiSA.

Please look forward to their services at AFA11~

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