A Certain Magical Event III, was held at the Suntec Conventional Center’s event room and foyer.

It’s a small event, compared to the the previous week’s STGCC. But it definitely will not lose in terms of the content available.

ACME(A Certain Magical Event) began in 2009 as an event to promote the work of local dojin artists with the anchor highlight being the Charafest, selling goods from the Japanese Comiket 80.

The event is attended by various artists selling items ranging from T-shirts by Metronome to self published dojins by the likes of Collateral Damage Studios, Comix Pandora, Ice*Berry and etc.One of them is Comix Pandora, with their latest book, Pandora. This book is meant to commemorate CP’s 10th anniversary and was sold out during the event. I got myself a copy and find it to be a wonderful piece of work, comprising of CP’s long time Artist.

Also, something different, is the invitation of the PLUM, a famous Japanese dojin circle, to sell their dojin art works here.

Not to forget, there is the Touhou Fighting Game Competition going on in one of the meeting room. I can’t tell you what’s going on in there since, I can’t even enter the room… lol… It’s really packed to the brim, i guess~

To cap it off, there is a wonderfully executed concert by Suara to the end. For more on the concert, do read this article. But I must say, personally, I have been healed by music that day~

Suara is a refreshing change of pace from what I have been listening recently~ Especially just that afternoon, after being blasted with Awesome to the point of injuries…

Singapore’s local dojin scene is definitely getting more interesting judging by the turn out of the event.

For a similar event with cosplay coming soon, please look at CXC.

ACMEIII: http://acme.sg/

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