For those who didn’t know, Sashihara Rino aka Sasshi, was in Singapore live in flesh, just one week back, on 6th September.

She was here alone as a special visit to the official AKB café and shop at Scape in Singapore. There was a Q&A and interaction with the fans


Lucky wotas….

And she seems to have enjoyed her stay in Singapore.

It seems like there were many who didn’t know of this until it was over(including me, DAMN). Scape might be more flooded if everyone knew about this beforehand.

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By: TS

Editor Note, By tueac:

Ah great, someone made a start for me~

I was one of the Lucky wota’s to be present for the café event along with 40+ other fans. Thou unfortunately, I’m still mourning over the loss of my Micro SD card containing the beautiful memories of this one event…

In fact, Sashi came to Singapore for shooting a Television program that is unknown to us, and she stayed in Singapore till the 8th. it’s rumored that during this time, she managed to meet Takahashi Minami… I dunno how but yah…

Did you know?

Sashi is really Beautiful!!! I will never use cute on her anymore, She is Beautiful! I was lucky to be picked to ask her a question, and in front of Ken0601 and the official photographer(revealed by her to be a KojiHaru Oshi), I asked,

“How does it feel to defeat KojiHaru in Sashihara Pride(It’s a segment in Ariyoshi)?”

To which she answered that, She will do her best to defeat Kojiharu but it’s very difficult and she loss quite a lot…

Also to those that missed the event, here is a picture of her doing Sexy Jankan~

Courtesy of SGP48 member

So let me leave you a blog post for all Singaporean by Sashi after the event,

Sashihara blog post, 6th Sept,

To everyone in Singapore,

みなさん、ほんとうに ありがとうございました!
Everyone, really Thank you!

みなさん すごくやさしくて とてもHAPPYでした!
Everyone, you are very kind, I’m very HAPPY!

せくしーじゃんけん とか 指原PRIDE とか がんばります!
Either Sexy JyanKan, or Sashihara Pride, I’ll do my best!

こじはるさんに かちます!
I’ll defeat KojiHaru-san!

だんそう イケメン指原、大人気でうれしかったです!
Danso, Ikemen Sashihara, is very popular, I’m happy!

ボードも、指原ジャージも、お手紙も、プレゼントも ありがとうございました!
For the Boards, Sashihara Jersey, letters, and Presents, thank you!

みなさんと やくそくしたから つぎは teamAのコンサートで会いましょう!
As promised with everyone, let’s meet again in Team A’s concert!

じゃぽねパスタ おいしい!
Japone Pasta, is delicious!

ごーんちゃ おいしい!
Gong’ Cha, is delicious!


Thank you TS, for the wonderful contribution~

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