Since it’s August, and it’s Singapore’s National Day soon. I would like to do a series of short reviews of Singapore Comics, published in the nation’s 45th year of existent.

First up is a comic named, Gone Case. It’s much like a social representation, seen from the eyes of a 12 year old, Primary Six School Leaving Exam(PSLE) taking boy facing a huge change in his family, bounded with a impending major exam.

His circumstances forced him to grow-up quickly in order to become the man of the Family.

I must say, Gone Case, is much more of an experiment to me, putting a certain perspective to the matters I have seen on news paper or TV drama.

Art-wise, it’s  should be considered in the Sub surrealism area. With a clear western influence, and it’s really quite good. See for yourself.

But I have a grip on the story, even thou the story are quite realistic, the way the author jump from 1 end to the other without proper closure or even a link is disorienting for me as a reader.

For example, the part where Ah Yong(the main Character) is promoted to be a prefect, it adds no merit to the story and nothing much other then to remind him of his father. I see no point. It would be good if the stress of being a prefect shows as well, even the expectation of the teacher pushing on him would have made the clif-hanging ending better.

And many other areas where things are left hanging only to be cut off then on to the next point.

In additional to the above, I feel that this book is too short and would really like to see Ah Yong’s life play out, for the better or for the worse… Since the Comic ended on a major turning point of his life.

Overall, I would recommend this book to those looking for a more serious topic to read about. Social science students should really take a look at it, it could be better then the chicken soup thingy… Just don’t expect a ending yet…

Title: Gone Case the Graphic Novel, Book 1
Story by: Dave Chua, based on the novel of the same name, published in 1996.
Art by: Koh Hong Teng
Price: $18.90
Published: Dec 2010
Where to Buy: Kinokuniya, Liang Court

Gone Case reminds me of 1 of the “Star of Shine” awarded yesterday at the closing of the Shine Youth Festival. Mr. Mohammed Farhan Bin Mohd Firdaus, 25, another the same age as me, that managed to make a difference.

Maybe I’ll do a short entry on them later on in the week or tomorrow.

It’s really Inspiring~

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