This is book 5 of The Resident Tourist(TRT) series, and it’s no longer entertaining. It’s extremely thought provoking, seemingly planned for the fact that this is an election year in Singapore.

But in fact, the stories are based on the events of around 2009 – 2010, the stormy years, with frequent revisit into the past during his New York days.

Troy Chin(creator/protagonist) managed to squeeze in topics likes love, Singapore’s under lying hatred/Anger, Society and many underlying messages into the book. It will also shed more light on Mint, his female friend and even features suggestive pictures in it~ I’m serious, she’s a hot lian.

But on flipping open the book you will see a simple 5 frame picture story, as if about him and that is almost the general theme of The Resident Tourist series.

You will be shocked to see that the ending depicting the character leaving for good…

I can spoiler you that, Troy is on the verge of leaving Singapore by the end of the book.

But why?  What made our ever cheerful, happy go lucky hero changed?

That is the meat of this story. As it explores the deeper meaning of working hard, Work as a concept, talent, friendship and even Singapore’s various policies.For example, in a few of the chapters, there is the sub story of his old neighbor, Lukas. He works to promote internet adoption in Singapore via his own business, after returning from the USA in 1992 or 1993.

His ideas are ahead of his time, ideas like musicians being able to upload music directly online to share with the audiences and etc. However he left the nation after a year or 2, never to return.

This theme is later repeated with similar flags in the present with Troy.

Art wise, the standards have improved with better consistency and better looking background. Especially the Singapore Flyer, like the one that grace the cover. And everything looks really polished.

Even the packaging, as in the paper used and printing is good. It’s high grade gsm paper if I’m not mistaken…

Overall, I feel that this book to me is not entertaining at all, it’s extremely thought provoking and to tell the truth, I’m still thinking about a few of the situations in TRT5. It’s harder then “The Hard Truth”, i feel…

To me, TRT5 is not just another comics, or even a autobiography, but a full blown sociology text book filled with real life examples.

Like the character Kampong, Troy’s best friend, whom I’m thinking about most. Since I see a bit of myself in him… the defeatist… that don’t wanna work hard while blaming everything else, from luck, the government, and even in a sublime way, Troy.

Do I want to just sit down and wait for something good to happen or do i want to work hard or work smart to achieve results?

I have a feeling I can write a thesis based on this book alone… … but whatever for? I’m not even a Uni student.

Thus, for this book, I’ll recommend for everyone above the age of 16 to read. For those not wise enough, they might not understand the deeper meaning of the volume and dismisses it as boring(which it is not)

TRT5 is much like a much needed wake-up call, I think.

It’s a good book, please read it!

TRT5 is now available in Kinokuniya Main Store, Harris Planerds, and online for a price of SG$23.90 on shelf and US$19.00 online.

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The Samples and illustration used in this post belongs to Troy Chin.

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