Gonzo’s latest flagship, Last Exile – Fam: The Silver Wing  is once again premiered in an oversea location before their Japanese TV premier in Oct 2011.

Even thou the premier is planned for the late night(21:00) in Germany, over 400 fans from Germany and it’s neighboring countries which includes Austria, France and Belgium attended the screening.

The screening is part of the “AnimagiC” event hosted in Germany.

There is even a Dio cosplayer at the event getting the front row~

Some of the comments from the people present seems to indicate that the sequel is just as good or event better then the original. Hmm this is interesting, pardon my poor translation~

・前作が大好きだったので、どうやって前作を上回る作品になるかと思ったが、全く前作に負けないクォリティーの高さに驚かされました。 前作以上です!

I love the previous work but I find this to be exceedingly better then the last one.

・前作を知らずに来ましたが、私のアニメキャリアに衝撃を与える作品だった。 早速前作を買って観るし、友達みんなにこの作品を勧めます!

I have seen the original and it’s impact on my animation career is huge. I will recommend it to all my friends!

・戦闘シーンを含め、空中での場面描写など、綺麗でなりません! 前作を上回るクォリティー! 最近の作品では見られない作風なので、日本のファンも絶対見るべき! !

When the war scene started, I’m amazed by the way the Sky is drawn! It’s beautiful! The Quality is better then the original.  Recent Japanese productions have no style to be spoken off, Japanese Fans are no looking properly…

And so this is my first time trying to translate comments… Do correct me if i’m wrong thanks.

Either way, it seems Last Exile – Fam: The Silver Wing is proving to be a big hit everywhere else… We will know when October comes~

Source: Akiba Researcher

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