This is going to be a short one… and it might even have some detractors. But it’s true.

Today at the AKB Theater Vol.6, I was able to confirm that JKT48 is real and official. Our Indonesia writer gave Dentsu Indonesia call and got a simple confirmation. Their number is (62-21) 250-5020, if you wanna double-check.

Take it or leave it, for us JKT48 is real and more details will be announced in a Press Conference, this coming November. It’s currently the auditioning season for the brand new group, and things can change, especially if they can’t get the talent… So…

Good luck to you girls!!

Btw, Anyone looking forward to the Indonesian version of Beginner?


JKT48: Facebook(might be region locked) | Twitter | Blog?

ps: if you have other sources or have also called Dentsu Indonesia at the suggested number, feel free to relate it here, btw ask for the media team.

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