Finally a date for the third in the four part series of Hideaki Anno’s Evangelion remodeling project. In the trailer aired after the TV version of EVA2.0, it’s revealed that EVA3.0: Q Quickening is coming to Japanese theater in FALL 2012.

That makes it 3 years after the Evangelion 2.0: You Can(Not) Advance. While i thought the project might have suffer a miscarrage due to all the bad news going around… Also appearently, there is a change in the naming convention for the series too… It’s now,

Evangelion New Movie Version: Q (ヱヴァンゲリヲン 新劇場版:Q)

It’s a change but It’s great to heard that it’s alive, kicking and just 1 year away~ Btw, it looks like Asuka is doing fine too~

I’m so looking forward to it!

The above is not the trailer shown, since I cannot find found it on youtube after it got removed… But I got some screenshots courtesy of Yaraon

Source: Yaraon Via ANN

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