A big box arrived today for me… It’s big… … I can put 3 PS2 in there…

Weighting at 4kg, the box seems like a overkill some how… So what is inside?

Not a a lot of stuff right? It’s just 4 books, a DVD and some CDs…

I don’t think it would render such a big box… lol~

Either way as per always, CDJapan did a good job packing the stuff, even with the generous box size, the shipping is still priced wonderfully if you need to know.

If  you wanna know what I got, here is the shipping manifest that CDJapan send me.


Shoji Sato/HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Full Color Edition 33
BOOK 1 x 1900 yen 2011/03/25 release
Shoji Sato/HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Full Color Edition 11
BOOK 1 x 1900 yen 2011/02/25 release
SKE48/Paleo wa Emerald [CD+DVD / Type B / Jacket B][CD+DVD / Type B / Jacket B]
CDA 1 x 1524 yen 2011/07/27 release
No Sleeves/Kuchibiru Furezu. . . (Minegishi feature ver.) (7th single) [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C][w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C]
CDA 1 x 1524 yen 2011/06/29 release
Shoji Sato/HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Full Color Edition 22
BOOK 1 x 1900 yen 2011/02/26 release
SCANDAL/Love Survive
CDA 1 x 1165 yen 2011/07/27 release
AKB48/DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued 10 Nengo, Shojo Tachi wa Ima no Jibun ni Nani wo Omounodaro?
DVD 1 x 4800 yen 2011/04/22 release
Shoji Sato/HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Full Color Edition 44
BOOK 1 x 1900 yen 2011/03/25 release
CHOUCHO/Kawaru Mirai
CDA 1 x 1238 yen 2011/07/27 release
I have to admit… The highschool of the Dead full colour edition is not mine… so is Chou Chou’s Kawaru Mirai. I getting them for a friend.
Well nothing much to see here, since I have not even touch most to the stuff and is now watching the AKB48 Documentary, I must say, the way it’s made is very good. Both the actual Documentary movie and the NHK produced TV special. It very well worth my purchase.
As for why I got Minegishi’s version of Kichibiru Furezu, cause I find her solo the most beautiful and simply the best.
And why Type B for SKE48’s Paleo wa Emerald? Cos the DVD have special on Rena, that’s why.
And why all the AKB48 stuff? Cos I think I’m poisoned… and CDJapan is making it too easy to spoil myself…
Do you guys wanna see more AKB48 Stuff on AC? Cos I’m trying not to flood AC with too much AKB48 stuff…
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