On this very significant day, the AKB48 Cafe in Singapore hosted it’s second Summer Special, with the attendances of Asuka Kuromochi(Team A), Sumire Sato(Team B) and Suzuran Yamauchi(Team 4).

I got the honor of buying the last few tickets for session 1 and then a chance to loiter around the cafe for the rest of the day, listening to interesting stories happening behind the closed door.

This is also my first special Cafe event, so exciting!

First some announcements,

The upcoming AKB Theater Vol. 6 AKB48 Stage 4, will be attended by,

Team A,
Ota Aika, Maeda Ami, Nakaya Chisato, Nakaya Sayaka, Matsubasa Natsumi, Katayama Haruka

Team K,
Umeda Ayaka, Matsui Sanko, Fujie Reina, Yonazawa Rumi

Team B,
Sato Sumire, Sato Natsuki, Hirajima Natsumi, Ishida Haruka

Team 4,
Abe Maria, Yamauchi Suzuran

Next is the announcement of the AKB Theater Vol. 7 on the 4th of September 2011. For that, it will be the SKE48 Stage 2.

And this time I will not miss their performances again!!

The Cafe special visit consist of 4 sections generally,

First the announcements, above…



Second, inviting the 3 ladies out followed by 2 sets of wonderful performances from the SCG(Singapore Cafe Girls)48.

During my session, the 1st is a dance number, Beginner. And the second is Blue Rose. Thru out the day, they also performed Sakura no Ki, and SDN’s GAGAGA, to great response by both the crowd and the AKB48 girls, especially GAGAGA.

Credit to InfZer0

Kiyomi performing Blue Rose

Kiyomi(aka Kiyo) especially caught the attention of the Suzuran, calling her friend since she looks like one of the close friends.

Other amusing comments from the AKB48 girls for SCG’s performances, thru out the day are,

Mochi(I think): “Their eyes look so cool(or deadly) even thou we are all girls” for Blue Rose

Suzuran: “My heart almost skipped a beat when the skirt flew during the turn” for Beginner


Mochi: “Let’s do a seven person GAGAGA one day!” for GAGAGA
and concurred by Sumire.

Sumire: “You did my favorite move wonderfully!” for Beginner~


Sumire: “I’m so touched that you girl not only learned the dance but also the lyrics to sing it even thou it’s Japanese, this makes me wanna learn some Singapore language as well” for Sakura no Ki.

Kai-kun(MC): “I wouldn’t be able to do those moves, you wouldn’t wanna see it”

And more in fact, If you remembered some do share in the comment~


Next up is the Question and Answer part, where the girls were ask random questions…

Here are afew interesting questions i short listed or remembered XD…

Who is your Oshimen in AKB48?
Mochi – Kojima Haruna
Sumire – Yukirin
Suzuran – Mayuyu

For Mochi, between Sumire and Suzuran, who’s ears do you prefer?
Mochi – Sumire’s, because it’s soft on both the inside and … … ( I won’t go into the the technical aspect… … cos i also don’t understand… )

For Mochi again, Out of all the AKB48 members, who has the best ears?

Mochi – Takajo Aki!

For Suzuran, Can you show us your golf moves?

Suzuran – Can I?! (And there goes~ wait for the pictures)

What is you favorite non Japanese Food?

Mochi – Korean Cusine
Sumire – Some french dessert… …
Suzuran – Ice, Gerato

What is most difficult during practice?

Mochi – Because there are some many people in AKB48, it is sometimes very hard to see yourself in the mirror like Takahashi…

Sumire – It’s very tiring especially if it for a television program.

Suzuran – Sometimes after a rehersal, when everyone is very warm… one would run to the freezer to get their Ices, but then it cannot be found… It’s been eaten…
Sumire –  That’s because you didn’t put your name down~
Suzuran – Ah you have eaten other people’s ice before!
Sumire – XP, well there is no name written on it ~

If you can be part of the digital idol Ami Eguchi?


Mochi – The Eyes, in fact she tried using the online tool to put in her own eyes. and it looks good too~

Sumire – Eye brows

Suzuran – her moles… on anywhere?

Very sorry but i think, this is the best I can recall… If you have the answers for the question What is your favorite Colour please share it in the comment… I know Sumire’s is difficult…

Next up is a very important event and also the last event of the day before the hand shaking session…


The MVP for yesterday’s event will have to Sato Sumire, who in the 4 sessions defeated the most number of people in the fastest time…

Her fastest record, 2 rounds to get 1 winner for 2 sessions. Longest, KO’ed everyone in round 3(around 10 person) 2 times in a row!!

The force is Strong in her~ I don’t mind seeing her as the center for the next Single.

Either way, here are some of their comments about Jankan during the sessions,

Mochi – She wish to do better then last year(10th), hopefully 9th and below…

Sumire at 1st session – Last year, I am 6th, and i know it’s will be difficult to aim for any higher. Still I hope to improve…

Suzuran, 1st session – I’m really good at Jankan, I defeated most of my friend 5 out of 6 times! And since I’m forunate enough to be taking part, I want to be first and be the center!

Sumire, at the 4th and final session – She realised that she is quite strong at Jankan
and thru out the day have really made her really confident, She now wants to aim for 1st! Last year she’s 6th.

Suzuran, at 4th session – Sorry Sumire Sempai, but the first will be mine!

(Almost turned in to a mic battle~ Live AKBingo! BET Please! lol =D)

The winners of the Jankan session walk home with a event poster signed by their respective members. aren’t they lucky~

And thus comes the end of the session… and end of the day…

Those in the last session will even get a high five session with SCG! nice~ Next time i should just grab the final session ticket…

Sato Sumire and Yamauchi Suzuran will be back in Singapore on the 27th of August for the AKB48 Stage 4. So do look forward to seeing them again!

Here is a quote from a fan that is already missing them,

“They just flew this morning and I’m already missing her.. This 12 days will be very pain wait for me! Haiz”

And that’s all for my event report~ Better luck next time!

Ah it’s such a good day~ Do join me next time~

Video Credits to Toshibuya11

Website: AKB48 Singapore

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