I’m actually quite excited that this year, Cool Japan will be back.

So what is COOL Japan?

Strictly speaking, it’s the business side of the Anime Festival Asia, attended by people wearing suites or future media people, wanting to know more about the situation in Japan, be it Anime Business related or general popular culture.That’s for the forum.

Then there’s the show floor exhibits that features the latest technological produces, popular culture and generally the Japanese Spirit.

It’s a also a chance to hear from the most experienced producers and creative writers.

Last year for example, we have Mr. Akimoto Yasushi, Idol producer and Lyricist. He came to introduce AKB48 officially to Singapore. Explaining to us the concept which is AKB48.

In fact thanks to COOL Japan Forum, it’s later established that Singapore will have AKB48 Shop, Cafe and even it’s first monthly Overseas Theater show.

But that is not all, last year’s CJ also invited of Mr. Fumitaro Ohama the Tokyo Girls Collection, which must have left a huge impression. So much that he is going to be putting up a show as part of the “World Runway Fashion Quake Aid 2011”, the show will be on the 17th of September. More details will be reveal soon.

The TCG is often graced by popular celebrities like AKB48, Koda Kumi, JuJu and etc, with over 20 brands, featuring 60+ models.

Below is a taste of how a TGC fashion show is like.



This year, not much have been announced yet, other then that there will be a COOL Japan Forum 2011, and one of the confirm speaker is Mr. Hirano Keiichiro, renowned Japanese novelist & Akutagawa Prize winner.

This year’s theme have also been announced, and it’s about monetising Content, with Talks that will include topics on how killer content can be built on the digital field, shared experiences from companies which have developed successful business models using anime content, and how content can be used to boost a company’s brand image.

I’m already looking forward to seeing who will be coming this year. I know Danny Choo will be at AFA11 too as a Guest Emcee, but will he also share his experiences?

Since he has always been an advocate of the online content monetising and building killer content~

Pictures by Kaede

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