As mention before, today marks the start of a 3 month Journey toward a festival~



But why does it only start now? Because today is the day they have their first media conference with actual solid information to go by. Previously it’s only the date and a lot of hinting at who’s coming or what’s going to be happening and etc.

And thus with out further a do, the information~

First a review of the AFA 2010 or AFAX as we like to call it.

Last year, AFAX managed to attract a whooping 71,000 participants, include 10,000 overseas visitors, in the span of the 3 days(including Cool Japan Forum) from a humble amount of 25,000 in the AFA08.

Thus this year, the organizers will be aiming to one-up the number to a record turn out of 85,000, almost doubling that of AnimeExpo 2011.

In order to achieve that, AFA11 will be featuring,

More Space!

From the 5000 sq ft last year, it will be increased to 8000 sq ft, a 60% more. Which might mean a bigger stage, a bigger show hall or even more room to breath!


This year, there will be more Experience Zones with,

  • Akiba Town

It’s back, the most popular Experience Zone in AFA. And this have already seen 2 of the bigger players in the anime Industry, Bandai and Bushiroad, currently on the list.

And this is definitely not going to be the end of it as we look forward to more announcement in the coming months.

  • Anime Screening

FullMetal Alchemist – Milos no Sei Naru Hoshi (The Sacred Star of Milos)

Detective Conan Movie 15: Quarter Of Silence

Not Episode 3, Episode 4 of Gundam Unicorn

The 3 above are only an example of the anime movies and films to be screen at AFA11. One of the highlight is definitely the same day screening of Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 as Japan.

Things will only get more interesting as the full list is revealed.

  • The CAFEs

The Cafes are back, the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and the Butler Cafe. Do I need to say more?

Or are you expecting the SCG48?

  • AKB48 ZONE!

Well, It will be filled with exclusive merchandise specially made for AFA11. This alone is can be very damaging for your wallet.

But more information will be released soon~

  • Artist Booths~

This one is not announced in the Blogger Preview proper but our friends over at Collateral Damage Studios(CDS) talked with Mr. Shawn Chin, AFA11 Festival Director, and was informed that there will be a section for the Artist this year too!

It’s always great to see local artist’s work.

  • Seiyu Experience~

Although they have not mention any Seiyu coming in November, It’s said that there will be a zone for people to try out being a Seiyu(Voice Actor) too.

MORE Serious COSPLAY action!

The Regional Cosplay Competition is back and it’s more serious than ever. Because contestant representing their respective countries now need to audition and be picked by each country’s AFA Partner.

This is the first time such an ambitious selection is attempted, and the call for audition will be up as early as this weekend for each respective country.

The countries that will be participating in this year’s RCC are,

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • The Philippines

To tell the truth, I see very good cosplay last year at RCC, and I’m gearing up to see more!


There will be 3 days of concert for AFA11, featuring 5 artist now, with more to be announced soon. In fact look at Xenoedge’s upcoming post for more information.


I’ll elaborate more on this in a separate post, because, to tell the truth… This is my favorite part of AFA since 2009’s AAC.

Basically it should be a two part item according to AFAX, 1 as a forum, where famous or experienced characters share their thoughts. And the 2nd part, where it’s on the show floor, a practical demonstration of COOL JAPAN, a look into the future!


The updates don’t just end here, for the next 2 months, more information will surface either via AFA11’s Website or another event like today’s. Thus the start of a exciting journey to Anime Festival Asia 2011.

This will be EXCITING! I’m Loving it!

Anime Festival Asia 2011, Information:

Location: Suntec Convention Center Hall 402 and 403, Singapore
Date: 11th November 2011 to 13th November 2011
Ticketing: TBA
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @animefestival11

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