1 of the most anticipated event during AFA every year definitely will have to be the I love Anisong concert.

And without fail, this year will also be a concert that packs a punch.

This year theme will be ROCK YOUR SOUL!!! Super Anisong Concert.

Let us start looking at the guest that will be coming.

First up, we have Ichirou Mizuki who is also well known by fans as Aniki.

Ichirou Mizuki debuted in 1968 with theme song for Genshi Shouken Ryuu, Mazinger Z, Captain Harlock and also one of my favourite big TV hit, Kamen Rider.
For 40 years, Aniki has been raising the dreams and hopes of children with his charismatic singing. Today, he continues to pass on the magic of anisongs with his amazing passion and live performances all over the world.
This year will mark Ichirou Mizuki’s 4th performance here at AFA2011.

Next up, another anisong super star, we have May’n.

Debuted in 2005, May’n’s album and singles have graced the Oricon Chart’s top three spots, with wide range of singing styles from pop rock, soul to R&B and grand ballad. She is already rising towards her dream of being Japan’s top female rock vocalist with sold out concerts at the acclaimed Budokan twice and all over Asia, including Singapore.
Some anime series that she sang for would be Macross Froniter, Shangri La, Ookami-san, Sengoku Basara and Hidan no Aria.
This year will also mark her 4th performance here at AFA2011

Third we have the anisong rock masters, FLOW.

Flow is a rock band made up of 5 members. We have Kohshi(vocals/guitar), Keigo(vocals), Takashi(guitar), Hiroshi(drum) and Yasutaro(bass).
The band dates back to 1998 and made their debut in 2001, with ther first single “Flow #0”. Since then, they hav released no less than twenty-one singles and six albums.
Some anime theme song they sang includes Code Geass, Eureka 7, Naruto, Naruto Shinpudden, Heroman and Persona Trinity Soul.
This year will mark their 1st performance here at AFA2011.

Last and final artist for 16.8.11 AFA blogger preview will be anisong rising star and one of my personal favourite, LiSA.

Born in Gifu perfecture, LiSA started her own band while in high school to catch a growing wave of rock. In 2008, she moved to Tokyo in order to further her musical career.
In 2010, she was chosen as the singing voice for Yui, the second singer of the fictional band ‘Girls Dead Monster’. for the hit anime “Angel Beats!”. Many singles and albums where later released under Girls Dead Monster which made their way into the Oricon charts.
By spring of 2011, LiSA released her own solo mini-album, “Letters to U”.
This year will also mark her 1st performance here at AFA2011.

With 4 artist annouced for AFA 2011 already, I am already hyped up for this years I love anisong.

And the best part about this news is that this is not the full list of artist to come. Expect more artist to be annouce later in the date. So everyone, get ready to ROCK YOU SOUL this year!

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