From the upload date of live-action trailer in youtube, i think it’s not really new anymore but the anime just started this summer and become one of my favorite anime this season so i just want to share it (again). it’s Usagi Drop by Production I.G. ^^, for me this anime is like an oasis, like last season when you saw AnoHana for the first time and thought, “Oh damn this one is different, and great” (That’s me though).

The Story is about thirty-year-old Daikichi which returned home for his grandpa’s funeral and met six-year-old grandpa’s illegitimate daughter Rin. Daikichi didn’t like how his family treated and outcast her, made him decided to take care of Rin himself even though he’s single and no clue about rising child.

Back to the important thing,  a live-action film was also made and is set to premier in Japan on August 20, 2011. The live-action movie is being directed by Sabu, not really know him but hope for the best from him ^^. Don’t find anymore detail about the movie but from the trailer I found that it’s quite good enough and really waiting for it. They can capture the atmosphere really well. Do mind watch the trailer below.


Live Action Trailer here


Anime version here



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