And soon the 2011 spring anime season is coming to the end… It was really a very quality season, that I must, to the point that I have no time to catch-up to the animes I picked.



Thru I must say, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai really stood out in this season, even thou there is also Hanasaku Iroha, another high quality production. Both would have become my MVA of the season.

Other top hitters of the Spring season includes,

  • C, which is surprisingly good
  • Tiger & Bunny, I’m not done with it yet… Still catching up. It’s refreshing I must say.
  • Stein;Gate, Now at Ep.8
  • Denpa Shojo Now at Ep. 6

I’m glad I didn’t pick up Moshidora, since I really want to watch the live action movie first~

It’s extremely regretful but I have dropped, A Channel, Nijicho, and Sket Dance… I’ll try to pick them up later… but for now, lets look into the future, towards Summer!

Thanks to nelson of Chartfaq, for the very concise Season Guide for Summer 2011.

Now here are my picks,

Usagi Drops, by Production I.G


It’s a adaption of a manga by Unita Yumi, talking about a 30 years old guy taking care of a 6 year old girl. The girl, Rin, is said to be his grandpa’s daughter… … …

And at the funeral of his grandpa, he told custody of Rin, even thou he has no prior experiences and is still single.

The theme itself is not new, but for some reason, I wanna continue the very story based Spring. And being produced by Production I.G fits the bill quite nicely, afterall, I’m a fan of their works. Plus the Noitamina timeslot have not failed me yet this year~

Kami-sama no Memo Chou, J.C Staff


Also another adaptation but this time a light novel, Kami-sama, is a story of a NEET girl using only the internet and her skills to solve crimes. I seriously hope this will not become a modern version of Gosick.

What attracts me to this anime is actually the premise of the story… Afterall, this type of detective story usually have to be very good in order to get animated.

And the art is really good… Plus the Neet in the story is Cute~ Also looking at the PV made me remembered LAIN… …

I have high hopes on this… Don’t fail me J.C Staff~

Blood-C, Production I.G


KI—-TA—!!! Finally after 6 years, another Blood series! I really liked the Blood: The Last Vampire series. And this time is promising to be a rather interesting experiences, give that CLAMP will be doing the character design.

This is going to be good! I hope… Cos… Last Blood(The Live Action Movie) isn’t that good… … I almost forgot about it until I saw Blood C trailer…

R-15, AIC


You have seen how 2 guys fought hard to become mangakas in Bakuman, now see how this 000 writer aims to build his own harem but using his abilities as a writer!

R-15 is also an adaptation, from a light novel of the same name by Fujima Takuya. In fact I have heard of the novel before but never had the abilities to read it… lol.

After looking at the PV, I just kinda put it into the list for the lol.

I dunno how good it is, but AIC should be ok at making harem shows~

Now I have listed 4 to look out for, and thanks to my wonderfully planned Timetable, I will leave you with a few more PVs of the upcoming season, I have picked for an interesting watch.

No.6, Bones


On his 16th birthday… His life came crushing down…

Nyanpire, Gonzo!


Gonzo’s first production in a long time~

THE IDOLM@STER Anime,A-1 Pictures


The game became an anime… … Now watch that guy become Akimoto Yasushi!




They are MAD… Another one of Marvel’s project…


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