After the announcement of a Cosplayer, Kipi, and a Seiyu/Singer, Itou Shizuka. STGCC is announcing the arrival of a top Japanese Anime character illustrator!

Kishida Mel, 岸田 メル, a look into his profile in ANN will bring up animes like Hanasaku Iroha(Yes the one on TV now), Kami Sama no Memo-cho(Yes, it’s a show this season) and Sora  No Otoshimono Woto(Yup that K-On in Uniform anime, by A-1). ^^:: sorry got too tired at work…

On the website of STGCC, they even have a short description of him that goes,

Most well known for drawing delicate and cute characters, you might have heard his name or seen his work in TV Animation, Game or even Light Novels, Kishida Mel started out drawing insert art for Light Novels where finally his art caught the attention of many people out there. His big break come when He’s chosen to design the character for one of the famous PS3 game series “Atelier Rorona – The Alchemist of Arland” which afterwards he will be in charge for the next 2 titles from that series too.

Despite his young age his talent has charmed and have proven to be a big success, a lot of his work can be seen in 2011, where he is trusted to do the original character design for the popular anime “Hanasaku Iroha” which is currently still airing in Japan and not to forget his involvement as illustrator for “Kamisama no Memochou” that just aired lately.

With all his achievement above, it just can’t stop us to look forward to what he will be doing next.

As you can see, he is a potential big shot, since most Character Designer graduate to becoming Art Directors, putting more of their artistic flavor into the animes.

Eitherway I look forward to meeting him, get my pencil board signed~

BTW, Kamisama no Memo Cho is a good watch for this season. Not only because of the loli. Look at it as a more serious/realistic Durarara!!!

Website: STGCC Kishida Mel

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