The unthinkable has happened…

Some other idol group has become the Mascot of Akihabara!!!

For the Akihabara Summer campaign 2011, the mascot will be S/Mileage, the group consisting of 4 girls and sister group of the morning musume.


In additional to being on print outs, the girls will be walking around Akiba doing product recommendations and introduction to the Akiba area. Fans can also get one of the 30,000 S/Mileage fans from the participating vendors and information counter.

Shoppers who spend over 10,000 yen at the famous electronic street will also be able to participate in a lottery to win 1 million yen.

But what I don’t understand is… Why did my source only report this now… it’s 1 more week to the end of the campaign… hmm

Source: Akibamap
Website: Akihabara Shikokai, 2011 Summer Campaign

PS: Well actually it’s not really a big deal, given that previous mascots are never a certain group of 48+.




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