AKB48’s sister group SKE48 held their first Singapore theater performance in SCAPE on 27th July. Here is the set list.

01. Overture
02. Tsukimonoyo
03. Aozora Kataomoi
04. Gomen ne, Sumer


05. Glory Days
06. Kono mune no Barcode
07. Wimbledon he Tsuretette
08. Ame no Pianist
09. Choco no Yukue

MC 2

10. Aikattata
11. Oogoe Diamond
12. Ponytail no Shusu
13. Pareo wa Emerald


14. SKE48
15. Banzai Venus
16. 1,2,3,4, Yoroshiku!!

– Reika Yamada’s birthday Celebration!!
– Group Photo of all the SKE members and the audience.

As you can see, they start the live with Tsukimonoyo, personally I feel it’s the most epic SKE song and starting the live with it it’s surely a correct choice, audiences were totally cheered up when the girls start singing.


And there’s no doubt that all the SKE songs had made time passed really fast and I’m sure that everyone there was surprised while the girls started singing 3 continuous AKB songs.


At the end of the concert, we celebrate Reika Ymada’s birthday with the SKE girls, the party was short but it was really impressive, especially when I saw all the audience suddenly took out yellow light stick and sung namida surprise.

And just for your information, the next theater performance will be AKB theater again on 27th Aug, woo~ I can’t wait for it~

Credits: AKB-sg.net (set list)
Website: AKB48.com.sg

Tueac: I am very sad for not being able to attend this concert since it could be the best so far… From all the reviews that i have heard and seen so far. They are powerful performers and have converted quite a lot of people to their fandom…

What a pity… I must say… For now we have not receive any official pictures from the AKB SG so this post is going to be quite a empty… And for people like me, too bad… I hope to get the pictures soon, to see for myself how it actually was.

What I do know is that, the girls got a wonderful send off from scape with fans lining up both side of the road cheering for them… Hmm this is wonderful, keep up the good work!

Here’s a video,


So how was your experiences? Do share it with us!

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