The Playstation 3 will be getting what many in Japan only dreamed off since 2009…

Bandai Namco’s Idol Master series will be coming to the Playstation 3 console, it’s like the final stronghold of the XBOX 360 in Japan, the only Game that manage to actually sell a 100,000 copies.

The game that allows everyone to live like Yasushi Akimoto(AKB48, SKE48, NMB48) the top idol producer. Now every PS3 owner can do so~


Does this mark the end for the 360 in Japan? Have Microsoft gave up or did they really believe that their Kinect will work in Japan?

Or as the rumors are going about, they are focusing on their next gen console, the 720?

Eitherway, how many Playstation 3 owner will buy the game? I dunno… But it sure sound like a good deal with all the DLCs(Till the currently Available ones) worth 25000 yen, for just 7980 yen.

hmm good deal sia…

There is also the 19,800 yen special package that include a lot of stuff including Vol. 1 of the Anime, Soundtrack CD for the Game, a gravure Magazine, and another PS3 game for taking pictures… hmm…

So look forward to it~ Will update price later.

PS: Idol Master 2 is not even a year old, it’s just released for the 360 in May.

Source: Andrisang | Temple-Knight

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