But for me, it’s not out of Japan… but into Japan~

The series of advertisement focus on the girls, Yuko, Takamina, Mayuyu, Rie, and Takajo Aki… + Maria Abe and Oba Mina, Who’s the other 2 1? I dunno… (I remembered Maria~ Yay! Thanks to Inferno on Facebook for the last name~)

Working at the travel agency serving customers to find the best holiday. For now 5 versions featuring the named girls are in the wild, so enjoy~

Yuko Ver.

Takamina Ver.

In the background, you will also hear a new song, it’s titled Dakishimecha Ikenai(Track 2 in both Types), and it will be featured AKB48’s latest single Flying Get to be released on 24th August.

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Source: TokyoHive

While talking about working, Mariko-sama will be featuring in a new movie!! Named,

Salaryman NEO, the Movie

The movie is stated to be in theaters this November, and will be featuring Shinoda Mariko(Mariko-sama) along with a host of other names I cannot read… ORZ…

What I know is, Mariko-sama will be in the movie as a receptionist for the featured company with a very demanding director. And the story will be about how a new age salaryman, Neo, played by Teppei Koike, survive the work place environment.

Here is a introduction trailer to the movie,


PS: It’s a Comedy!

Source: http://getnews.jp/archives/129671
Official Website: http://www.neo-movie.com/

Mayuyu Ver.

Kitahara Rie Ver.

Takajo Aki Ver.

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