Continuing the this series of CDs LookOut, this time round, again, more of 48s and they have planned a series of releases for this month and August.

First up, SKE48’s latest single 「Pareo wa Emerald」which will be released in 3 versions which is available on CDJapan. This single is also their first after switching labels to Avex. Judging from the covers, its something like a summer themed release and the PV is shot overseas as well.

From their official SKE48 Youtube channel, here’s a short PV of the song.


Pareo wa Emerald Type A cover.

Pareo wa Emerald Type B cover.

Pareo wa Emerald Type C cover.

The singles will be due for release on the 27th July which also happens to be SKE48’s first performance at AKB48 Singapore Theatre and it will be Team S member Rena Matsui’s birthday as well!

Just 1 week before SKE48’s release, another of AKB48’s sister group will be releasing their debut single! Named NMB48, this group is based in Osaka and has their own theatre there as well.

The title of the single is 「Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo」and there are 2 versions available to order at CDJapan. First press includes a random trading card chosen out of 16 types and it is running out fast, hurry up to get yours if you want to get your hands on it.

They have their own official Youtube channel as well, here’s a short preview of the PV.


Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo Type A cover.

Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo Type B cover.

Then we have their ‘elder’ sisters at SDN48 releasing a new single too! Titled 「Min Min Min」, and 2 versions can be order at CDJapan. But here comes the interesting part, for those who came for SDN48’s Singapore LIVE may be interested in the Type B as it contains a documentary video clip of their LIVE back here in June! In addition there is a SDN8 version of 「Everyday Katsusha」PV!

Min Min Min Type A cover.

Min Min Min Type-B cover.

And, how can AKB48 be missed out here? With their sister groups churning out releases one after and another, of course, they will have an release on their own! On the 24th August, AKB48 will be releasing their 22nd single and also their first after the recent sousenkyo.

The 1st track will be sung by members who are ranked from 1st to 21st and the 2nd track will be sung by members ranked from 22nd to 40th. Plus a photo will be randomly given in the single as well.

Flying Get Type A.
Flying Get Type B.

Finally, the last item for the post.

「May’n the movie-Phonic Nation-」blu ray & DVD is now available for pre order too! Having seen the movie at the recently, all I have to say is, this is a MUST get for May’n fans! Especially for Singapore fans, as she recalls the time back in 2008 when she came here to perform out of Japan in AFA for the every first time! Also, it contains various performances from her 2010 summer tour in ZEPP TOKYO.

May’n the movie-Phonic Nation- blu ray.
May’n the movie-Phonic Nation- DVD.

Plentiful of releases from the 48-ers and finally the documentary movie has been confirmed in BD&DVD formats, well, that is about it for this round.

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